Lauren was having the dullest day of her life. She'd woken up, got dressed for school and her little brother spilled cereal all over her literature essay she'd spent two weeks working on.

Life couldn't get any worse.

Or so she thought.
Now, she has Death to contend with, just as she was going to get a nice coffee and a hot fresh do-nut.

There may be a sequel to this soon, so keep an eye out if you're interested! :)


10. Reaper says, Goodbye

I stretched slowly and opened my eyes. 

Last thing I remembered, me and Reaper had fallen asleep on the black sand, and I'd decided I was going to make my After life better than my real life had been.

I wouldn't hesitate, or be scared ever again.

I'd grab death and not let it go!

I sat up and saw Reaper standing by the Desert Sea, his hands in the pockets of a leather jacket.

I stood up and walked across to him, placing a hand on his arm.

'Are you okay?' I asked, seeing his face. He looked as though he'd lost something precious to him.As though his heart had broken.

He pulled me into his arms and squished me against his chest.

'I'm sorry Lauren.'He said into my hair.

'Reaper, what's wrong?' I asked, looking up and stroking a hand across his scarred cheek. He closed his eyes, as though savouring my touch.

'You're... you're not dead.' He whispered.

'You're in a coma, back on Earth.' I blinked rapidly.

'I'll take you back to life. I've seen her watching over your body. You're Mother.'

'But... Reaper-'

'Listen to me, I didn't know. I swear to you. Michael just came and told me; his idea of a joke to place you in my plane.' He growled, his eyes flashing red briefly before he focused on me. He looked bereft, as though grieving.

'Reaper, I... I don't want to go yet.' I whispered.

'Lauren, you have to. You're not dead yet. You're not supposed to be here.'

'I want to be here! I don't want to leave you alone.' I said, looking away from him, blushing.  I hadn't even realised how my feelings for him had developed.

'What about you're family? They love you Lauren! They've been waiting for weeks for you to wake up. Time passes differently here. You're Mother hasn't left your bedside for a second, and your brothers and Father visit every day after school and talk to you! I've seen how much they care for you! How can you leave them?' Tears rolled down my face.

'I know. I love them too, but... I think I love you too.' I whispered, staring down at the floor. He gently lifted my chin so I was staring into his eyes.

'I've never met anyone like you Lauren. Promise me, don't change. When we next meet, we'll have eternity. Till then, I'll wait for you. However long it takes.' Slowly, he lowered his mouth to mine and lightly brushed against my lips.

'Goodbye Lauren.' He whispered, before everything went black.

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