Lauren was having the dullest day of her life. She'd woken up, got dressed for school and her little brother spilled cereal all over her literature essay she'd spent two weeks working on.

Life couldn't get any worse.

Or so she thought.
Now, she has Death to contend with, just as she was going to get a nice coffee and a hot fresh do-nut.

There may be a sequel to this soon, so keep an eye out if you're interested! :)


3. Reaper says: Did you read it? :D

I stood up and started walking, dragging my school bag across the sand.

The phone bleeped again.

Reaper says: Did you read it? :D

I texted back, annoyed by how casually he was playing this elaborate game.

Lauren says: Listen, I read your stupid list, and I'm getting bored. Tell me where I am and how to get home or I'll call the police.

I quickly heard the bleep again.

Reaper says: Haven't you figured it out yet? I thought you were bright. You are dead, deceased, no longer living. If you put your hand over your heart, you'll feel nothing. You are in the After life, the plane of existence I regulate, where souls come After Death visits. And you can't go home. And there's no service here.

I placed my shaky hand over the place where my heart should be thumping wildly at my anger and panic, but felt nothing. My chest was empty. I felt tears begin  to glide down my cheeks again.

Reaper says: You shouldn't cry. It's bad for your complexion. ;)

I span around, looking for the jerk, but saw nothing but a vast expanse of desert. Bleep!

Reaper says: LOL. You can't see me! But I see you! XD

I span around again, tempted to throw the phone away from me, and screamed.

'LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!' Bleep!

Reaper says: No, it's much too fun. >:)

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