Hate That I Love You

Their enemies. They hate each other. They can't stand when the other gets happiness. So what happens when Kasey meets the 'love' of her life? Justin is given a mission. He has to break Kasey and her boyfriend up. But when the unthinkable happens, Justin falling in love with her, he can't even deny anything to anyone. Will he admit it to the girl he hates most? Or will he stay silent and try to get his feelings for her to decay? Justin never wanted this-
but now he's stuck with the feeling knowing that Kasey might not feel the same. Justin knows he hates that he loves her.... But a part of him doesn't feel that way.
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10. Chapter 9


Kasey's P.O.V

*2 Weeks Later*

Everything's changed.

That's the first sentence I write into my journal.

Justin and I are basically best friends, me and Michelle haven't spoke for a while and Jaden won't leave me alone.

Should I be happy about that? I have no idea. I can't help but feel like something bad is going to happen, but I don't know what. I hate that feeling. I hate when I'm the last one to know about things.

I sigh and move a strand of my auburn hair out of my face, thinking about what to write next.

I feel like Justin's different.

He seems like he let go of his huge and annoying ego but you know what? That's something I kind of miss about him.

I chew on my bottom lip as I was to write my feelings down on a piece of paper.

Justin's weird, he's odd and he's really cocky but-

I find him weirdly attractive.

And I hate it.

I hate him.

I shouldn't be liking him. He's my 'enemy', remember? 

Gosh, My heads playing tricks on me.

I think I'm mixing attractiveness with feelings.

And its making me sick.

I groan aloud as I shut my journal and shove it under my bed.

Every since that 'date' Justin asked asked me out on 2 weeks ago, things have been weird. He's always around me being nice for a change and it makes me suspicious. Why does he decide to be nice now?

*2 Weeks Prior*

Justin and I were at the mall. We were having the kind of fun I thought we wouldn't have. I honestly felt like things were going smoothly, until Justin wanted me to go out with him...


"Please?" He begged, pouting. I roll my eyes. I wasn't going to go out with him later, was he stupid or was he stupid?

I chuckle to myself.

"No." I say strictly, "ask one of those bimbos you hang out with all the time" I huff out, crossing my arms across my chest showing him I wouldn't change my mind.

"Don't be like that, Kas." He says with pleading eyes.

"Just tonight. Then I'll leave you alone." 

I grumble under my breath.

"Fine-" Justin cuts me off with a cheer, catching people's attention.

"But-" I said, earning back his attention.

"You can't be childish, got it?" I say, giving him a playful serious look.

"Got it, Roberts. Scouts honor." He said with cheesy grin, sticking two fingers up in the air.

I give him a puzzled look and giggle.

He starts to walk past me but stops right beside me.

He leans in and whispers in my ear,

"Don't worry, you'll love it." He kisses right beside my lips before winking and walking out of the mall, leaving me stunned. 

I fall face first onto my bed, but right when I was about to doze off, my phone rings loudly.


'And I hate how much I love you, boy

I hate how much I need you

And I hate how much I love you, boy

But I just can't let you go

I hate that I love you so'


The song by Rihanna and Neyo plays.

I roll my eyes before picking up the phone and putting it to my ear.

"Justin...." I drag out, groaning. 

"Wow, Kas. I'm not even there and your moaning my name? Somebody's horny..." Justin says, chuckling.

"Wow, Jay. I'm not even there and your being fucking annoying? Somebody's lonely." I shot back, with a smirk. 

He chuckles.

"Well I was wondering if you'd come over, you know to hang out?" He asks, and I can tell that he's smiling.

I end up agreeing and I get dressed and head to his place.

I knock on his door and wait. I hear shuffling from the other side.

Just when I was about to call Justin and tell him to 'open the fucking door', the door swings open and Justin is revealed.

"Took your time, didn't you?" I say sarcastically, walking inside. He chuckles.

"Sorry. This girl and me were having s-" I cut him off there. 

"Dude! I don't need to know that!" I say with wide eyes.

"Just kidding Kasey." He says, kissing my cheek. I smile.

We both sit on his couch,

"So..." I trail, my eyes darting around his living room. He clears his throat.

"Uhh.. Prom is in a week..." He says, staring intently at me.

I nod.


"So, who are you planning to go with?" He says somewhat casually a hint of nervousness in his tone.

I shrug, "I don't know. I usually go with Michelle but since the Jaden incident..." I say and he gets the hint. He just nods plainly.

"How about you?" I ask, playing with my fingers.

He shrugs.

"Don't know yet... I used to hang with Ryan there but not really anymore..." 

You can basically feel the tension grow in the room like fog. I hate these moments.

"So... How about a movie?" I suggest, somewhat happily, trying to change the subject.

Justin sighs and nods.

I stand over and walk over to his movie cupboard.

I open it and take two out.

"Stepbrothers or The Hangover?" I say with a nervous smile.


Justin's P.O.V

I wanted to oh so badly find the balls to tell Kasey I want to go with her to Prom. But fuck- She doesn't get it!

Right now we were watching Stepbrothers but I wasn't paying much mind it it.

I need to find out a way to get her to go with me.

And i'm not stupid to know that girls love one thing and one thing only.

Romantic shit.


Author's Note

I don't know where to start...

I am SO sorry I haven't posted for like a month! 


My sister and I were arguing while I was on the computer making a nice chapter for you guys and she deleted this chapter.

I was like 'HO HO NO, , NO! YOU DID NOT JUST GO THERE!' But you know I couldn't do anything about it.

So I had to write this ALL OVER AGAIN! I was freaking pissed off!

And I had school and one of my friends is going back to Russia and I don't know if she's coming back or not. + My other friends moving... :(

So I'LL NOT BE AS LATE because its summer people!!

Hoped you like this chapter!

A lot was revealed!

BTW who do you prefer:

Jasey - Justin+Kasey

Jasey/Kaden - Jaden+Kasey (I had to use Jasey because Jaden...)

I can't thank you enough for still reading this story. I'm so tardy.... XD


Comment beautiful's! 




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