Hate That I Love You

Their enemies. They hate each other. They can't stand when the other gets happiness. So what happens when Kasey meets the 'love' of her life? Justin is given a mission. He has to break Kasey and her boyfriend up. But when the unthinkable happens, Justin falling in love with her, he can't even deny anything to anyone. Will he admit it to the girl he hates most? Or will he stay silent and try to get his feelings for her to decay? Justin never wanted this-
but now he's stuck with the feeling knowing that Kasey might not feel the same. Justin knows he hates that he loves her.... But a part of him doesn't feel that way.
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7. Chapter 6


Kasey's P.O.V

I walked into school, seeming smaller then the days earlier. I won't have a friend to talk to, I'm avoiding Jaden and Michelle's mad at me.

Sometimes I think, Grow the fuck up! and other times, I think, This is all my fault.

It is, because I was kissing her fucking crush. Stupid me. I feel so bad and yet its Karma. I chose to not think about it cause' I was lost in the freaking moment. Gosh.

I rush into the girls washroom and hear loud sobs. Furrowing my eyebrows, I step in only to see a stall door closed and a girl sitting down behind it.

I frown and hesitantly knock on the stall door. Knock, knock

"Who is it?" A familiar muffled voice says. 

"Someone who's sorry..." I whisper, realizing who it was. Michelle.

"I don't give a fuck. Tell me who you ar-" She opens the stall door and stops when she sees its me.

"Oh. It's the boy stealer herself." She sneers, sending me a glare.

"Michelle..." I trail, feeling my eyes washing over with sympathy and guilt.

"No! I thought we were friends!" She wails, turning on the tap, letting the water run through her fingertips.

"We are! You just have to let me explain! You'll just jump to conclusions like always!" I tell her sternly,  flipping my hair off of my shoulder.

"Does it look like I give a shit?" She shrieks. I shrug.

"You never told me." I say casually. Michelle glares at me hard. I chew on my bottom lip to fight the feeling of guilt.

"You know what?" 

"What?" I look down.

"Your a huge bitch." My mouth opens to say something but nothing comes out. She storms past, brushing my shoulder and out the washroom.

I feel my bottom lip quiver and my vision blur. Fuck. Don't cry, don't. Its just a petty little fight. She'll get over it. 

Once I gain up the courage, I walk out of the washroom, and down the hall towards my locker.

I open it and roughly take all the books I need. I close my locker and a surprised yelp escapes my mouth. Shit.

"Listen, I'm sorry about what happened the other night but I really like y-" I cut him off with wide eyes before turning around and rushing down the hall.

"Kasey! I said I'm sorry!" He shouts after me, earning some stares between us and some whispers. Finally, I think. No more people to bother me. But to my dismay, I bump into someone.

"What the fuck?!" I shout angrily. I look up to see Justin with a shocked look on his face.

"Whoa.... Sorry. Didn't mean to bump into you..." He trails, his hands up in surrender. I groan to myself.

"No, I'm sorry." I pause.

"A lot has been going on lately and I'm pretty stressed so that's why I-" He cut me off.

"Hold on..." He says.

"I didn't ask for you to go on about your problems to me. I haven't got the time for complainers, shawty." He says jokingly.

I roll my eyes and scoff playfully.

"I'm sorry I exploded on you." I apologize. I rub my temples. I had a huge headache. A huge headache for 'a huge bitch'.

"So are you heading for class?" Justin asks, hands in his pockets. I shake my head, 'no'.

"Why?" He questions.

"I have a headache and I'm tired and lazy." I look at him with a sly smile. He chuckles loudly, catching peoples attention.

I roll my eyes.

"Can I join you?" He asks. Why is he asking me? I know even if I say 'no' he still will come.

"Does it look like I care?" I say with a grin. He smiles and I walk out of the school with Justin, 

But I don't notice Jaden staring.


I am SO SORRY! This took so long for me to post and I'M SORRY!!!!!

Hope you like it! Any questions??????


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