Hate That I Love You

Their enemies. They hate each other. They can't stand when the other gets happiness. So what happens when Kasey meets the 'love' of her life? Justin is given a mission. He has to break Kasey and her boyfriend up. But when the unthinkable happens, Justin falling in love with her, he can't even deny anything to anyone. Will he admit it to the girl he hates most? Or will he stay silent and try to get his feelings for her to decay? Justin never wanted this-
but now he's stuck with the feeling knowing that Kasey might not feel the same. Justin knows he hates that he loves her.... But a part of him doesn't feel that way.
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4. Chapter 3


Kasey's P.O.V

I bobbed my head up and down to the music as I danced around with Michelle to 'Who's That Chick?'.

Feel the adrenaline moving under my skinIt's an addiction, such an eruptionSound is my remedy, feeding me energyMusic is all I need
Baby I just wanna danceI don't really careI just wanna dance I don't really care, care, care (Feel it in the air, yeah)


"I'ma go find some cute boys to dance with!" Michelle slurs loudly over the music. I nod with a drowsy feeling. She walks- or should I say, stumbles to a somewhat hot guy and soon both of them are lost in the crowd.

I start to dance alone but then feel a pair of hands on my waist.

"How about you come and dance with me?" A familiar husky voice says. I turn and see Jaden smirking at me. I smirk back.

"O-O-Okay." I stutter. I was not sober. Jaden pulls my arms so their on his neck and lays his hands firmly on my hips.

I sway side to side, the music pumping loudly throughout my eardrums. The next thing I feel surprises me. Jaden puts his lips on mine. Not in a aggressive kiss or anything, but a soft kiss. I don't understand how it felt so good to be kissing my best friends crush. And I was kissing my best friend. Such a crazy thing.

But I didn't care. I was lost in the moment.

I pull him closer to me, pulling away then reattaching our lips together again.

Back on the dance floor, better not to take me homeBass kicking so hot, blazing through my beating heart

French kissing on the floor, party's getting hardcore 


The song continued, as did the party. Nobody really caring about what was happening.

Everybody is getting a little tipsy off the crazy goofsThis will end up in the news
Baby I just wanna dance

I don't really care I just wanna dance 

I don't really care, care, care

(Feel it in the air, yeah)

A few minutes past and Jaden and I pulled away. He had a goofy looking smile on his face.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" He asks, brushing my cheek with the back of his hand. In the moment, I couldn't say no. 

I nod furiously. Jaden grins and grabs my hand, leading me to the bar. He picks me up and sets me on the table. I sit up and I lean in to kiss him. 

Suddenly,there's a loud shriek. No one else can hear it over the music, but Jaden and I coul.

We pull apart to see a heartbroken and tearful Michelle.

This is fucked.


No One's P.O.V

After leaving Joshua, Michelle sighed. Sure he gave her a fun time but he was no Jaden. Now that she was alone, she wanted to find Kasey.  Michelle searched everywhere, in the garden, at the pool, in the bedrooms. She looked throughout the party until she spotted auburn locks. There she was. And she was kissing someone? Michelle smirked. Finally!

But anger rushed through her as soon as she saw who Kasey was kissing. No. It can't be. Kasey wouldn't do that to me.. At least I thought she wouldn't.

She shrieked loud enough for them to break apart. She knew it. It was Jaden and Kasey kissing.

"H-How c-could you!" Michelle slurs, completely hurt. Just because she was drunk didn't mean she was upset. Kasey jumps off the counter and points a finger at Michelle.

"Y-Y-You m-missed y-y-your chance wi-with him." Kasey stutters, pushing Michelle away when she got to close.

"Bitch." Michelle mutters.

'Just go! Your a horrible b-b-best friend!" Michelle screams.

"You steal everything from me! Even Jaden and you know how I feel about him! Your sick. Your really sick, Kas." Kasey frowns at what Michelle says.

"Bu-" Michelle interrupts.

"No. Just go with him. Don't even bother talking to me." Michelle runs out the doors and calls a taxi, and it takes her home.

Kasey shrugs.

"Michelle's needy and clingy. J-J-Just l-l-let her g-go." Jaden's words calm Kasey in some weird way.

"Okay." She says.

"Now where were we?" Jaden says. Kasey laughs with a smirk.

They reconnect their lips together. Kasey just doesn't care about the fact that she may have lost her best friend, that she might regret this and that she will loose more then she thinks.....


Kasey's P.O.V

I wake up and look around, expecting to be in my room. I'm not.

I see that I'm in a place that I don't know of. I start to panic and my eyes dart around the room. I sit up but immediately regret it. My head hurts so bad, I feel like I'm banging my head against a wall.

"Ugggh.." I groan, rubbing my temples.

"Baby?" I hear a voice murmur from beside me. My eyes widen. The fuck?

I turn to see Jaden sleeping soundly beside me. My eyebrows raise. Jaden's in bed? With me? I look down. I sigh in relief. Nothing happened.

I stand up and rush around the room, grabbing my purse.

I step into the bathroom and look at my face and cringe.

Gross. My lipstick is smeared and my eyeliner is too. I quickly scrub it off with some water and I apply my makeup on again.

I run out of the room, Jaden calling after me.

"Kas! Wait!" I run down the stairs and jump over a few bodies that passed out and escape out the front door.

Finally. I'm out of there.

I hear a loud beep. I see a car honking at me. 


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