Hate That I Love You

Their enemies. They hate each other. They can't stand when the other gets happiness. So what happens when Kasey meets the 'love' of her life? Justin is given a mission. He has to break Kasey and her boyfriend up. But when the unthinkable happens, Justin falling in love with her, he can't even deny anything to anyone. Will he admit it to the girl he hates most? Or will he stay silent and try to get his feelings for her to decay? Justin never wanted this-
but now he's stuck with the feeling knowing that Kasey might not feel the same. Justin knows he hates that he loves her.... But a part of him doesn't feel that way.
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20. Chapter 19

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No Ones P.O.V


     Kasey was mad. Was mad even a strong enough word to describe how much she loathed Justin?

     He cheated on her, after all. She did have a right to be mad. It was all his fault. Why did he seem so sad when she left just to be so careless when she came back? Was she not good enough?

     Once she came home, Kasey slid down her bedroom door in tears. She started to sob, but sadness slowly turned to anger. 

     She stood up and in the heat of the moment, she smashed her fist against the wall. She immediately pulled back in agonizing pain. A stream of curse words flew out of her mouth. 

     Kasey collapsed onto the floor. She glanced at her fist to see it bleeding a bit. Running a hand through her hair, she glanced out the window. She wanted the pain to stop.



     Justin couldn't breath. His whole world was crashing down around him, and he hated it.

     How could he do this to Kasey? He knew he loved her, and to him, it sucked that he didn't tell her. Of course Justin would be the kind of person to cheat on a girl before admitting his love for her.

He was so ashamed of himself, he wanted to sit in his room forever, but that would never happen would it?

Never in a million years.



1 month later


     Justin and Kasey haven't spoken since their fight, and honestly, it felt like they were back to square one.

Kasey soon stopped being as social as she used to be. She was now quite, shy and afraid. No one knew why, but Justin did. And he didn't do anything to stop it.



Kasey's P.O.V


     My phone rang and Justin's name flashed across the screen. I smiled before putting the phone to my ear.


     "Hey baby." Justin's voice said a nervously.

     "What's wrong?" I raised her eyebrow in confusion, though he couldn't see me do that.

     "Um... I need you to do me a favor, okay babe?" 

     I shifted from foot to foot, waiting for him to go on.

     "Can you come to school?" 

     I laughed, "Come to school?! It's the weekend! Why would I come to school?"

     "Well... Your gonna have to wait and see." I could imagine him smirking.

     "Whatever. Be there in 5." I hang up and pull my jacket on.

     I wonder what the surprise will be.


     When I get to school, it's raining, and i'm soaked from head to toe. I hurry to the doors and try to open them, but they're locked. I curse under my breath. How the heck did Justin get in if it's locked? Suddenly, the door flew open, and there stood Selena. 

     "What are you doing here?" She stares at me in disgust. I roll my eyes.

     "I could say the same for you. And to answer your question, Justin, my boyfriend, called me to come here." I say, emphasizing the 'my'.

     "He said the same to me!" Selena exclaims, "Okay. I need to find out why." I push past her, and run down the halls, and I can hear Selena running after me.

     "Wait up!" I ignore her and when I get the the Art Room, where Justin stands, but he doesn't notice me because his back faces me.

    "Justin..." I say slowly, walking up to him. He turns around and his face is red, and his fists are clenched. He's obviously angry. But why?

     "You liar!" He roars pushing my back against a desk. My eyes widen as I stumble backwards. 

     "I can't believe you would cheat on me." He whimpers, collapsing onto the ground. I rush to his side and grab onto his arm, "Justin! Get up, baby." I try to soothe him, but he starts crying. I try and try and try and try to calm him but he wont stop. 

     "Y-You l-let me down. Y-You hurt me!" He cries out. I pull him to my chest and kiss his forehead. "Ssshh..." 

     "M-My heart h-hurts." Seconds later, Selena pops in the room and stands at the doorway smirking, before running out. I glare her way before rolling my eyes. I need to help Justin. 

     Suddenly, he stands up and pulls me up along with him. His eyes turn black and he brings his hand back, "You broke my heart." He then slaps me across the face.


     I sit up quickly, my hand immediately flying to the side on my cheek. It's burning and I can feel the pain. I know Justin would never do that to me, and somehow, this dream seems oddly familiar. Is it supposed to tell me something? Is God trying to send me a message? Though i'm not religious, he might be trying to send me a message. The burning feeling though... It feels so real...

     I know I didn't cheat on him too, but did Selena tell him I did? Maybe that's why... Oh my god...


     Maybe that's why he cheated on me.


Authors Note- So hi everyone! I know I know I havent updated in two or more months. I can't even express how sorry I am. I got so caught up in school and it's crazy. BUT I did update so thats a good thing eh? I hope I didn't loose any of my dedicated readers! I know some of you might have unfavourited this story or unliked it because you thought I wasn't going to update. But I will and the story is almost done. Two or three chapters left then SEQUEL! YEAH! Celebrate good times c'mon! No? Okay then... I also know I shouldn't be asking you guys to comment but it's wishful thinking right? I also had writers block before but not anymore! My mind has so many thoughts for this! BTW: If you like One Direction, I have published a new story called I Would. Main character is Niall Horan! :)

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