Lying Beneath The Smoke *Harry Styles FF*

Shes a risk taker. Scarlett Preston was the "Bad Girl" in Holmes Chapel high school. She didnt carry the look, but she for sure had the personality. She was a heavy pot head. Scarlett lives and breathes for trouble. Little does she know, she's driving Harry Styles crazy. His year off from One Direction would soon change his life before his eyes.


16. Status: Crushing



Im currently thanking the Lord for the weekend. Maybe I should just chill out and maybe go work out? I think I need a b-r-e-a-k. I didnt bother showering, because i'd clean up after my trip to the gym. I didnt put on make up, either. What weirdo would? I put on a Victoria's Secret sports bra with the word pink written across the coral fabric. I also put on some spandex shorts with my blue nikes.

"Put a shirt on, slut." Taryn shouted whenever I stepped into the kitchen to grab my blue jacket. I rolled my eyes.

"Where do you think I get it from? Where is Alice, or mum and dad?" I asked. Taryn shrugged.

"Alice never came home yesterday, but I think she's at Carly's. Mum and dad are never here." My face became hot with anger.

"Havent you tried calling Alice? She's our little sister!" I yelled as I grabbed my keys. Taryn is such an irresponsible brat. Haven't I said this before? It's true, though. Why can't she just grow up and look over our little sister?

"She's old enough to take care of herself, jeez. Get that stick out of your ass and just dont care." By this point, I felt the smoke blow out of my ears. 

"Sure, I just won't care about anyone. What would you do if I just forgot all about you? I couldnt care less if you were dead or alive! Im leaving, but just dont care about me. These might be my last words but it doesnt matter." I slammed the door with all of my strength. Now, to the gym.

I was going about 6.0 on the treadmill whenever she came through the doors. Her hair was tied in a tight pony tail. 

"Scarlett," She said innocently. "Rosalie," I swallowed hard. I cant look at her the same at all.

"Harry likes me. You know that right?" Rosalie's pure voice pierced my ears like a knife.

"I dont like Harry. You know that right?" I moved up to 7.0.

"That's why you left my party with him. You and him seemed pretty cozy. You smiled at him like you smiled at... Whats his name? Oh! Rin." I held myself back from attacking this church girl.

"Im sorry but isnt lying a sin? You like to lie to people like me, Harry, and yourself." Rosalie raised her eyebrows and moved up to 8.0. I decided to go to 9.

"Everything is a competition with you! Harry's affection and everything." I laughed a little.

"If I liked him, dont you think I would of said yes to him?" I turned off the treadmill and took my stuff to put in my bag. I sipped my water and then I see a missed call from Harry. I slide my thumb across my screen and called back,

"Hello!" His dark voice sounded through my head.

"Hey, you called?" My rejoinder was a little agitated.

"I wanted to see if we could hang out. You sound mad, what happened?" 

"Rosalie. She thinks I fancy you and said something about Rin." I mean... Rosalie was right. I do like Harry in that way.

"Oh... What else did she say about me?" I rolled my eyes. Maybe he does have a little crush on Rosalie.


"Ok well I have to go. Bye." I hung up right away. Rosalie isnt winning.

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