Lying Beneath The Smoke *Harry Styles FF*

Shes a risk taker. Scarlett Preston was the "Bad Girl" in Holmes Chapel high school. She didnt carry the look, but she for sure had the personality. She was a heavy pot head. Scarlett lives and breathes for trouble. Little does she know, she's driving Harry Styles crazy. His year off from One Direction would soon change his life before his eyes.


2. Seniors

Scarletts POV

I woke up this morning. First day back, as a senior? Great. Lets get it over, shall we? I pushed my sheets and comforter to the end of the bed, stretching. I hopped up and looked in the mirror. I was proud. I honestly don't think im ugly, so im confident. My blonde hair, the black tips trifling my chest. I wore it natural and wavy, the usual. I put some hairspray in.


My make up wasn't simple, though. I didn't wear much but I hated putting it on. I slid the black eyeliner from end to end. Not too thick, not too thin. Just how I liked it. I put on a little foundation and powder. My skin wasn't perfect, always bumpy. I looked up at myself, my light green eyes staring back. I smiled as I put my mascara on. Just a little, I told myself, don't look like those sluts.

I looked for an outfit. I don't wear dresses, if I did people would think im not me. I was considered the Holmes Chapel High "Rebel". I just live for the moment. I put on my white, ripped skinny jeans with black leggings underneath. My black, red and white Jordans could shine from a mile away. I put on a red tank top tucked into my jeans, and a superman crop top. I put in my bow earrings with a chain travelling to my cartilage ring. I put on my nose earring, just a diamond stud.

Before school, I needed to get happy. I locked my door. I knew the drill. I blocked under my door with a dirty shirt, and the top. I shut the vent and opened the window slightly. I took out my gravity pipe and put the green in the bowl. I took out my lighter from my pocket and lit it. I let the smoke go in my lungs. The sensation was great. No worries. Everyone over exaggerates the high feeling. You don't hallucinate. Everything looks trippy. You over think, you get hungry, and you get happy.

My eyes were red and glossy, no worried. I put in my eye drops and took my vitamins. My mom wasn't home, again. Neither was my dad or my sisters. Home alone? Ill just go. I grabbed my keys and went to my pink slug bug. Not scary, huh?

I drove in the student lot, feeling cold eyes on me. They knew it was me. People just stared. I wasn't un popular, I was in the middle of noticed and up there with the populars. Just because they were scared to tell me off already. I hate being that close to popular. High expectations left and right.

I opened my door and stepped out the car. I throttled out my purple back pack and slammed the door with my hip. I saw a crowd of people. Whats so urgent? I walked over looking around. I moved my bangs out of my face. I went on my tippy toes to look over people. I am tall. 5'8 is a tall height for me. One Direction... Really? They're back? I heard about the year off the band.... Why? Now they're going to make my senior year all about them.

"Scarlett! Yo Scar!" I turned my head to see K atrina. She waved and smiled with her perfect teeth. Her black hair reaching her breasts. She was a slut, actually.

"Kat. One Direction is back...Im going to vomit." I blehed. I pretended to gag myself. Kat laughed pushing up her boobs, major cleavage. Did I forget to mention shes had sex with 9 guys? Shes a good friend, though.

"I like them. I have my eye on Styles." She fixed her hair. Right then, the bell rang and we left off to class.

I threw my binder on my desk, loudly. I sat down and leaned back into my chair as much as possible. Mrs. Newton was such a whiny science teacher. She was strict but I could live. I was really smart, straight As even with skipping and flunking. All pre AP course selections.

Before the final bell rang for tardy sweep, Harry walked in. Yay? He sat in the seat next to mine. These weren't desks, they were tables with 2 chairs.

"These are now your permanent seats." Mrs Newton said. Then she eyed me. "Oh, Mrs. Scarlett Preston. I had your sister Alice last year. I heard you're a troublemaker." She said softly.

I chipped at my pink nail polish. "Guilty as charged." I half smiled, falling deeper in my seat. "Mrs. Newton, Mr. Jut needs your help." Mr. Tyler said looking at me. "Good luck." He said pointing at me. She followed him out.

"Troublemaker, huh? Cute." Harry turned to me. "Im Harry. I suppose you're Scarlett." He places his hand in the air for me to shake. I go in for the shake, but instead right before I do, I flip my bangs out of my eyes. "You guessed right." I placed my legs on the table crossed.

"Are you high?" Harry asks looking at me. "Damn, you are a good guesser, pretty boy." I roll my blood shot eyes. The rest of class was quiet, except me annoying Mrs. Newton.



It was finally lunch. So far, all 4 blocks ive had Scarlett Preston in each of my courses. She was mysterious yet open. I sat with Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn, Denise, and the rest of the popular kids I didn't know.

"Scarlett Preston is in all of my classes.." I look over at her 2 tables down with some other people, laughing.

"Ouch! Shes fine as hell!" Zayn pretends he burned his hand. "Ill help." Denise took Zayns hand and drowned it in his drink. "Thanks?" Zayn laughed.

"Shes really pretty. She gets in trouble a lot." I emphasized on a lot.

"Ill take her down TOWN!" Louis laughs. Scarlett gets up to throw away her trash and Louis checks out her butt. "Huge." He smirks. Denise slaps him. "You know about her. Shes a pot head. Smoking and shit." She makes a face of disgust. "She hangs around that slut, Katrina Wheeler." And right then and there, everyone jumps into that conversation about Katrina. Ive heard of her.

Next class was English, and once again Scarlett was there. So was Katrina. I sat in between them in Mr. Tyler's class.

"Hey sweet thaang." Katrina winks at me showing off her chest. I was quite interested. "Hello." I waved. "Quiet Mr. Styles and Miz Wheeler! Detention!" Mr. Tyler yells. Great.

"Yeah, shut the hell up. Im trying to learn!" She said sarcastically, causing the class, including me, to burst into hysterical laughing. "D-Hall for you too, Miz Preston." And even better.

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