Lying Beneath The Smoke *Harry Styles FF*

Shes a risk taker. Scarlett Preston was the "Bad Girl" in Holmes Chapel high school. She didnt carry the look, but she for sure had the personality. She was a heavy pot head. Scarlett lives and breathes for trouble. Little does she know, she's driving Harry Styles crazy. His year off from One Direction would soon change his life before his eyes.


6. More Like Bye Bye Katrina


I woke up next to Katrina. I took out my phone to see a ton of messages covering my screen.


Man, where are you? Scarlett looks fine today!- Lou Boo

Where are you? You never came home.- Nially Poof

Hey where are you? Its 2nd day back and we didn't see you last night.- Zayn The Vain

I look and see its 30 minutes until school. Shit. I pat of Kat to wake her.

"WHAT?! Oh hey Harry." She got up and kissed me. I point to the time and her eyes widen.

"Shit." She jumps off the bed. "Some of my brother's old clothes are in the room across the hall." She yells closing her door on me. I walk over and open the drawer. It looks like Liam's closet. I take out the blue plaid shirt and the khaki pants. I find a spare hairbrush and make my hair a success. Its hard to keep up with curls, you know.

After im done, I walk into Katrina's room. Her hair is wavy and you can tell she froze it in place with spray. Her mascara is clumpy with her bright pink lips glowing. Her face tanner than her arms and her eye shadow is dark gray with cat like eyeliner. She wore pink skinny jeans and the shirt I had on last night. It was my Rolling Stones shirt.

"Lets go to school." I grab my keys and open the door for her. She hops in and we drive in on time.

I park my car in my reserved parking spot. I see Scarlett's slug bug next to it, weird. I saw girl's trying to see Kat in my car. I got out and Katrina and I walked up to the benches together, where I heard a lot of whispering. Scarlett walked toward us.

"Woah, hello carpool." She laughs. Katrina grabs my hand and shows Scarlett.

"Styles and Katrina? Lemme guess, you slept together?" She smirked at both of us. We were mute.

"C'mon. Talk? Its fine." A laugh trickling her face.

"Yes, Scarlett. We did, okay? We're together now. So shoo." She snapped. I took a step back. Harry looked at her in surprise.

"I can talk to whoever I want." He mumbles. Katrina walks away all sassy.

"Wow, shes a keeper." Scarlett says annoyed.

"Ive heard things about her." I said looking at my hands.

"I don't understand why you chose her." She crosses her arms.

"Because I thought I should give her a chance. Ive heard shes slept with a lot of guys but it doesn't mean shes bad." I explain while she rolls her eyes.

"Harry, theres something I should tell you," I nod and she continues. "she's been hooking up with guys all week. I don't know who, because she needs cash an-" My jaw drops.

"Prostitution?!" I whisper angrily. She nods scarcely. Her smile drops, revealing her sorry face.

"Im so sorry. If I were you, I'd just end it. I know shes booked all week. She wouldn't miss it even if she had money. Shes a sex-aholic." She sighs. I look over to Katrina while some weird guy is handing her money. She grabs his hand and drags him into the supplies closet.

"Oddly, this relationship has escalated quickly. Not even a day." I complain while dragging Scar to the closet. I heard disturbing noises, which drew in a crowd. I bang on the metal door.

"HEY KATRINA! ITS OVER!" I yell smiling while I hear everyone else trying to control themselves. The noises stop and she opens the door with a dirty towel covering her body.

"What do you mean over? We went on a date, fucked, went out, and not even a day we're over?" She screams.

"Pretty much, come on out here, Eugene." Scarlett laughs while guilty Eugene comes out with his Star Trek shirt up and he buckles his pants.

"You guys suck." He says in his nasally voice. The bell rang and Scarlett and I went on to 1st hour. I sat beside Scarlett in Mrs. Newton's class.


Harry and I sat down in our seats, next to each other. I don't hate him, really. Hes pretty chill and fun to be around. As soon as class started, Mrs. Newton chucked stuffed bags at us. Each labeled with our names and sizes on each.

"What are these?" I asked innocently. She rolled her tiny eyes and began to talk.

"These bags are full of your new uniforms. Too many kids broke dress code. Girls- A gray plaid skirt which reaches half thigh with a school purple shirt and an optional blazer/cardigan/jacket that has our school name on it and a black tie. Any purple shirt can be worn, any style than doesn't show stomach. There are also 3 types of purple school shirts, purple V-neck with school logo, purp polo with school logo, and a purp tee. Shorts will come out in spring. Boys have 3 different shirt styles as well, all purple with our logo on it. A tee, polo, and a v neck. Khaki pants are included. And each of you have a school varsity jacket included." She says.

"Are you serious?" The class groans. The rest of class was a breeze. Harry and I talked most of it.

"Scarlett, who was your first?" Harry asked. I sigh and my face turns red.

"Im a virgin. A lot of guys try to get in my pants, I deny. They only want me because apparently im sexy." I put my head on my hand.

"Im actually surprised. You're such a cool person and yes you are beautiful." He laugh which causes me to giggle a tad.

"Well thanks. What about you?" I ask back in revenge.

"This girl named Farrah. Back when I was 14, which I regret. I was a troubled one." He looks irritated while thinking, but adorable.

"Oh wow. I can see you've snagged a lot of girls in your day. Yet im 17 and still haven't lost my v-card. I almost did, once." I look up in the ceiling trying to ignore the idea of Troy.

"Tell me." He makes me jump.

"Not here. Follow my lead." I tell him my plan to lead him into the hallway. I walk out of class.

"Miz Prest- Oh forget it." I hear the teacher fail.

"Ill get her." Harry awkwardly walks out of the room, bad acting.

"Come 'er." I drag him into the Janitor's closet in private.

"Now tell me." He sits by the trash can. I sit in front of him.

"His name was Rin....

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