Lying Beneath The Smoke *Harry Styles FF*

Shes a risk taker. Scarlett Preston was the "Bad Girl" in Holmes Chapel high school. She didnt carry the look, but she for sure had the personality. She was a heavy pot head. Scarlett lives and breathes for trouble. Little does she know, she's driving Harry Styles crazy. His year off from One Direction would soon change his life before his eyes.


1. Intro

Im one of those girls. I take risks; I lived for it. I live for trouble, and I couldnt go a day without it. Its not like the movies where I have a leather jacket, poofy hair and spikes. Im still normal. I have only 6 piercings: My bellybutton, cartilage on both ears, regular earrings, and a nose stud. My hair isnt out of hand, teased, or multicolored. Its my natural light blonde with dyed black tips. Nothing out of the ordinary.


At school id say im tough. Scary even. Nobody messed with me and I knew for a fact that people talk constant shit about me. I blow it off with my secret weapon. Not caring. I dont care what people say about me smoking weed and the occasional drink. Thats me.

Im Scarlett Faye Preston and im 17 years old.

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