Lying Beneath The Smoke *Harry Styles FF*

Shes a risk taker. Scarlett Preston was the "Bad Girl" in Holmes Chapel high school. She didnt carry the look, but she for sure had the personality. She was a heavy pot head. Scarlett lives and breathes for trouble. Little does she know, she's driving Harry Styles crazy. His year off from One Direction would soon change his life before his eyes.


17. I Love You



i tried to lock my feelings for Scarlett away but if I have to pretend that I fancy Rosalie to do it, I will. she can't know. Look at what happened last time! Every damn time I see her I fall harder, and I can't take it anymore. Scarlett drives me crazy. i dialed her number one more time.


"Harry, I just hung up with you." Why was she so annoyed?


"I know but you never told me if you could hang out. My flat has great movies." I was terrible at convincing.


"Well, maybe you could meet me up now? Im looking for my sister. Afterwards we could go to my house." The panic in her voice faded away.


"Sure, where are you?"


"The gym."   







Scarlett and I drove to her sister's friend's house, which was in a more ghetto neighborhood to be honest. I would never come here at dark, and I could feel Scarlett's tension bouncing from her body.


"Im really worried, Harry. She could've gotten lost or even worse..." I put my arm around her, comforting her as best as I could.


"Scarlett, she's at her friend's house. She's not dead." She laughed a little.


"I know but it feels different. Let's walk to the door." I unbuckled my seatbelt and we trotted to the door. It smelt of garbage and alcohol. We knocked on the creaky door and out came a teenage girl, younger than us.


"Hi Scarlett, what brings you and Harry styles here? Can I have your autograph by the way?" I Nodded and she hugged me.


"I'm looking for Alice and taryn sajd she was here. Oh and Harry tagged along" Alice raised an eyebrow.


"She's not here. She told me she was coming over yesterday and never showed. I called not only her mobile but the family phone at your flat and there was no answer." Scarlett's face was red and her eyes were bloodshot. 


"Do you have any of her friends numbers or anything? I'm really worried." I put my arm around Scarlett, which she actually didn't push off. 


"It's okay, I am too. After our house burnt down, the crappy insurance wasn't going to cover most of it so we moved to this ghetto ass place. I hope she didn't lose her way here. Come on in, we can call." 


Inside was more decent, a lot in fact. Outside it smelt like something died, and in here thescent was closer to lavender or vanilla. The walls were painted beige and there, proudly, stood family pictures.


"if she didn't come to my house, then she could've ditched to one of these people's houses.  You can call Destiny, Rebecca, and Kelsey. I'll call Thomas, Jessica, and carol. Harry can sign this paper, then take a picture with me." I smiled and signed everything. 

i listened to Scarlett on the phone.


"hi destiny, I'm Scarlett. I'm alices older sister and I need to know anything you know about her leaving the other day. She's hasn't came home and hasn't answered anyone."


"It's fine, but thank you." She hung up, disappointed. Then dialed the next person I'm line.

she stuck to her script, and left empty handed.

and the next was no use. We learned that her sister was possible under the influence of alcohol the night of a party. Carly didn't find anything either, but still managed to smile for our picture. By this point, Scarlett was in tears.


"c'mon, let's go to the station and report missing." Scarlett nodded as I carried her to the car. She was a wreck. I sat her I'm her seat, but didn't budge. I stood outside of her open door, unable to move. I knew if I moved, I'd die. There was a man, with a gun on the other side of the car.


"Scarlett, I want you to know something," I kissed her, and she kissed back. I let go and saw the man nod. I felt myself go cold. "I love you.  I'm doing what I can to save you. When I fall, drive."


Scarlett's eyes went wide. Right before she spoke, I pushed her head down and screamed. I heard glass breaking right before I went blank.


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