Lying Beneath The Smoke *Harry Styles FF*

Shes a risk taker. Scarlett Preston was the "Bad Girl" in Holmes Chapel high school. She didnt carry the look, but she for sure had the personality. She was a heavy pot head. Scarlett lives and breathes for trouble. Little does she know, she's driving Harry Styles crazy. His year off from One Direction would soon change his life before his eyes.


25. Hurricane Katrina

Scarlett's POV 



I was exhausted, tired, guilty, and full of selfishness. I had a mixture of emotions swarming around my head. I could feel my old childish self making it's way back to my head. The girl who Harry fell for in the first place. As childish, immature, and careless as I once was, I was full of heart. Those traits aren't terrible. 



I heard a knock on my door. Probably Katrina, I invited her.



"Hey doll! Haven't seen you in ages!" Katrina shouts. She brings me into a hug and I could barely recognize her. The girl I would once describe as a slut who wears too much make-up, constant low cut shirts, and breast length hair now is nearly opposite.

Her make-up was basic powder, light pink blush, mascara, and thin eyeliner. 

She wore muscle tank that read "I love you, to the moon and back." Paired with shorts.

Her hair was curly and rode all the way beneath her breasts.



"I- oh my gosh Katrina you look beautiful." I was speechless. I still probably look nearly the same. I was in need of new clothes that were less teenager-ish.



"You too, Scar. Everyone has been talking about you at school.  I was worried, honestly. I want to know what you have to say." I led her in onto the couch. 



I told her every detail. Start to finish. Harry took a bullet for me while looking for my sister, I met Zayn in the waiting room at the hospital, the doctors said there's a short chance of him living, Zayn and I slept together, we were secretly together for a month, Harry woke up, I fled because I loved Harry. Not Zayn.



"And you're here now? Let me guess, family didn't take it well?" I nodded, full of tears. She brought me into her arms again, holding me for a few minutes. 



Subtly shaking me back and forth, she spoke up. "You need to talk to Harry. It's only fair." 



I froze, stopping the shaking.



"Fair? Do you think he wants to see me? Katrina, look at me! I'm a mess! If I'm not in a right mental state to even lay my eyes on him, he sure as hell isn't.



"Then I'll put you in your right mental state. I have things lined up." She slide me a fake I.D that said I'm 21.






"You're either doing this without a problem, or doing this with a broken neck." Katrina also dug through her purse and placed a pipe, bag, and lighter in my hands. I gripped it tightly.












Katrina picked out the club, Gina's. It was popular and free for celebrities, so I was bound to not only get in, but to get Katrina. I wore a tight black dress that ended 6 inches beneath my hip. It was low cut and flattered me nicely. My hair was straight and I had black stilettos. Katrina still knew how to dress like a whore when she needed to, and used it on me.



"Scarlett Preston? Go on in." The guard laughed. I slipped Katrina through. Since I'm kind of famous, they still didn't know I wasn't 21, which is great.



"Let's go get drinks!" 



We sat sat at the bar on the greasy stools. I asked for straight scotch. Katrina asked for this girly drink that sounded good, because it was full of tequila. So I ordered that too. I chugged my scotch and then our drinks were mixed. We clinked our drinks together and sipped on them. I was getting a little feel of tipsy.



"Scarlett?" I heard a voice. It was Louis. Shit shit shit...



"Yeah are you a fan?" I said trying to play it cool. It was fairly dark so maybe I could pull it off.



"Don't play dumb. Can I have a word with you?" I took the three shots that Katrina ordered for herself, for myself, and nodded. I was stumbling just a bit so he helped lead me to somewhere quiet. The ladies bathroom. We kicked out all of the women and locked the door behind us.



"Harry was looking for you earlier. He's thinking about forgiving you," My eyes brightened, letting out a tear of joy. I smiled.



"Where is he?" I asked eagerly.



"Home, because he's in a wheelchair.  He kicked Zayn out of the house. He still has to be in the band because of a contract thankfully, but you caused that. I'm here to ask why." My smile dropped.



"I was full of emotion. I was sad, and Zayn comforted me. Being around him made me forget about my doubt of Harry living. I didn't know what I would've done if he died, but I wouldn't be with Zayn for sure. I would be on my own, living for Harry. I left because I'm in love with that boy. And I always will be. I don't need you to look down on me disappointed, because I know you are. I'm sorry," I walked to the mirror, staring into my own eyes.



"Scarlett, I know. But that was wrong,"



"Don't tell me shit that I don't already know!" Louis grabbed me and hugged me tightly.



"You're going to see Harry. C'mon." Louis said, kissing my head.

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