Lying Beneath The Smoke *Harry Styles FF*

Shes a risk taker. Scarlett Preston was the "Bad Girl" in Holmes Chapel high school. She didnt carry the look, but she for sure had the personality. She was a heavy pot head. Scarlett lives and breathes for trouble. Little does she know, she's driving Harry Styles crazy. His year off from One Direction would soon change his life before his eyes.


7. Home-Run For Haz


"His name was Rin...." I started. I took a deep gulp of my spit trying to hold on to myself. Be tough, be strong, be confident.

"Rin was sweet to me. Did everything I could of wanted. The day he asked me to go on a date, I was ecstatic. I was full of happiness. We went to the bowling alley down Partridge Road. This happened when I was 15, by the way. We went by ourselves. He charmed me. Saying how beautiful and 'rad' I was. He thought it was sexy how I got in trouble. The thing about Rin was that he was pure and sweet. Anyway, we were together. We went fast, we made out the second day we were together." I swallowed hard.

"Anyway, after about 4 months, he moved. I was a tragic mess. Id visit on weekends sometimes. He lived an hour away. After 6 months, I stayed the night. We were about to have sex, until I got a text from his friend Laura saying, -damn you look sexy naked. Ill send one in a second bby<3-. I went ape shit. I pushed him off telling him I hated him, saying fuck you. He was quiet trying to say something. I know that his last words before I left were, 'Im still in love with you.' I shut the door." My eyes start to water.

"I got about 10 missed calls from him. I never answered. Then I got one from his parents saying he hung himself because he was so upset from me. They sent me a suicide note that was left for me. Laura said she accidently sent that message to Rin that day, too. She meant to send it to her boyfriend Mitch. He died because I was dumb and over reacted." I lost myself and tears fell from me.

"Scarlett it's fine. Everyone can be a little stupid right? I wish I could count how many times I was." Harry put his arm around me trying to console me.

"I guess. You're a pretty cool lad." I giggled, pecking his head with my lips. Harry tried to grab my arm when I walked out but he failed. I was so embarrassed really.


Lunch was stupid. I sat in my same spot with the same friends. The same lumpy food. The same foul smell the easy mac had when it filled my nostrils. The same boring day.

"Look at Harry." Kat pointed to Harry with another girl.

"Player right there. He doesn't even remember me from last year." My friend Light said. Last year?

"What do you mean?" Kat asked urgently. I sat at the edge of my seat before her pale face spoke. Her blonde hair in her face.

"Harry and I were together last year, guys! Does this ring a bell?" Light jumped.

"Oh yeah! That was Lightry! I remember." I facepalmed myself. I wish Harry liked me. I think his green eyes swirled into my soul and picked at my heart, making it melt every time we spoke.


"Theres going to be a party at my flat on Friday. Bring some cool people, and your cool self." Rosalie winked at me. I got closer to her.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world, sweetheart." I whispered in her ear seductively. She fluked in amusement.

"Ill have a special show for you, Harry. Wear something loose fitting. Its part of it." She bit my neck.

"Only if you wear something old because I don't want to rip something special off of you." I smirk back.

"I am right now. Bathroom?" She bit her lip. I grab her arm and bring her into the old bathroom which has been out of order since last year. I shut the door and pushed her into the stall. I placed her on the toilet. I began to feel her up, causing her to moan. She wrapped her thighs around my legs. I put my hand down her shirt and she threw it off on the filthy ground. I pulled down her skirt while she pulled up my shirt. My pants clicked off and the bing of the buckle made me laugh.

"Harry, class I about to start." She said as I kissed her, letting my tongue into her mouth. She did the same. I was inside her now. I kissed her more aggressively. She pulled me closer. I kissed her more and more, I was happy.


Class started and Harry was nowhere to be found. 10 minutes in, he walked in a mess. His pants were sagging, curls out of place. His shirt was outstretched. Holy cow.

"Late, Mr. Styles? Detention!" Mr. Tyler sasses.

"Its cool." Harry laughed and sat next to me. I exploded in laughter when Harry began to tickle me.

"Quiet Miz Preston!" He yelled. Harry tickled me more and I yelled STOP. Everyone looked to me.

"A detention for you two. Keep it up and ill have you for the semester." He sneers. Harry stops and grins.

"Happy much?" I ask with his hand on my leg. My heart beat faster.

"You know Rosalie?" I nod. "Shes that girl all about church. Shes such a goody goody." I say.

He looks away then laughs. "To me, shes a naughty naughty. We played around in the shut down toilets. Damn." He smiles cheekily. I push his hand off me

"Pervert. You fucked her then you try to get in my pants. You're just like anybody else, a dick. Im just me, a fuck-up who hasn't fucked." I bolted out the classroom. Im so skipping D-hall.

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