Lying Beneath The Smoke *Harry Styles FF*

Shes a risk taker. Scarlett Preston was the "Bad Girl" in Holmes Chapel high school. She didnt carry the look, but she for sure had the personality. She was a heavy pot head. Scarlett lives and breathes for trouble. Little does she know, she's driving Harry Styles crazy. His year off from One Direction would soon change his life before his eyes.


3. Detention

Scarletts pov

"D-Hall for you too, Miz Preston." The words rang like a song in my ears.

"See you later, Mr. T!" I smile sarcasticly picking up my back pack. I walked out the door without the bell ringing, and the class went silent. I heard a few subtle whispers in the icy air, the AC was on high. I scurried out the classroom smirking.


I zipped open my bag. I threw 6 cans off spray paint. A black, white, blue, pink, green and orange. The crackling as I shook it soothed me. I took out a black bandana, tying it to cover my mouth so I wouldn't be identifiable. But like they would do crap. I kicked my bag into an empty hall way and opened my black. I had a thing for graffiti, I had my own tag. On special occasions I would spray a play boy bunny with a army hat and 2 guns pointing forward. Everyone always wondered who it was. Sometimes Id paint the word "inspire". I was known as "Majestic" to my fellow artists.

I took out the black and made my letters. I N S P I R E. I made them bubbly but sharp, and then I took out the colors in the order. I-Blue N-Pink S-Orange P-Green I-Pink R-Blue E-Orange. I took the white and put lines surrounding it.

"What are you doing?" I heard Principal Reed yell stomping over. Oh shit. I ran to my bag and gathered my cans. "Get back here!" He chased me. I slid with my Adidas to the Gym. Freshmans doing suicides. I feel bad for them. I jumped into the girls locker room. I heard a round of "Hey!"s and "Get out, Preston!" I pushed it aside. I just hid out in the corner until next hour.

When 6th hour started, I went into the hallway and saw people crowd around my masterpiece on the brick wall of the 900 hallway.

"Wow! I always see this, its sick!" I heard some jocks point.

"Who did this?" Preppy girls look in disgust.

"Badass Scar." Katrina patted my shoulder. "Thanks, did it 5th block." I laughed and we fist bumped.


Detention time...

I walked in and saw Harry. Where was Kat? "Hello. Can you kids clean the room? I have to go to a meeting. No leaving, we have cameras just for you, Preston." Mr Tyler left.

"Love you too, Mr T!" I yelled back as he slammed the door.

"Nice art in the hallway." Harry laughed.

"It wasn't me.." I walked over to the cabinet for the cleaning supplies.

"Well nice paint on your arm, then. Orange is nice on you." I smiled throwing a rag at him.

"Now im figured out." I wiped the desk.

"So what are you? Like one of those bad, mysterious girls who are actually innocent and pure inside?" He asked with his grin beaming.

"Not really, I just live and breathe for trouble." He came closer to me.

"Oh really?" He was a foot away. I wrapped my arms around his neck about to kiss him.

"Nice try, Styles." I pushed him off while putting the Clorox Wipes on his lips. The door swung open, Katrina was here with a late pass.

"Well hello Harry. Oh hey Scar." She had her eyes on Harry the whole time. What a bitch. She wanted Harry and I didn't care but she ignored me COMPLETLY. She only wants him for sex and I knew it.

"Hello Kat." He looked down at the desk, rubbing it. She took the time to push up her breasts and primp her hair. She added apple red lipstick. She glided it from each end of her lips. Popping them and putting it up. She then smiled back at me. Her face caked in bronzer and makeup. She was a pale Mexican, so she put on bronzer and basically looked like a part of Jersey Shore. It was quite pathetic.

She walked over to Harry and took his rag. "Oh silly me. Am I supposed to clean? I think I need help." She made her chest his full view. He stared at them and back at her face. She grinned. "Well Scarlett is right there." He points to me as I wave back smiling annoyed. She frowned and walked to me.

"Scarlett come 'er!" Harry yelled in pain. I sped over to him looking at his open cut full of Clorox.

"I cut myself and theres soap." He breathes.

"Ill fix it, pretty boy. Suck it up." I took out a bandaid from my bag and kissed the bandage.

"Mother always said, 'If you've got a cut, kiss it up.'" I put it on his thumb. He smiled back at me, reaching ear to ear. We looked in each others eyes. Until Kat broke the gaze.

"Uh hey, I need help Scarlett!" She whined. Harry took out a piece of paper.

"Thank Scar. If you ever have an open cut full of cleaning chemicals just give me a call." He wrote his number and passed it over to me.

"Will do." I giggled. I think I like Harry.

"Scarlett Preston to my office, Scarlett Preston to my office." I heard on the ringer.

"That's my cue. Bye Harry. Oh and bye Kat." I walked out swaying my hips.

Katrinas POV

Wow, bitch? I wanted Harry and Scarlett would not get in my way. Ive always gotten the guys, I was the pretty one.

"Harry, since its just us we could get to know each other. Ive heard about you." I said flirtatiously. He grinned while I walked over to sit on the desk he was wiping. I crossed my legs.

"Sit down." I pointed to the chair under me.

"Well what do you want to know?" He asked uncomfortably.

"If you're free tonight." I smirked. He looked at the clock and back at me.

"I uh have a family thing I cant miss." He lies.

"Oh yeah you're Harry Styles. You never have time to hang out." I sigh cutely.

"I do have time." He stood up and faced me.

"Then go out with me tonight." I say. He looks at me smiling.

"Fine, ill go on this little date." His half smile making me bite my lip.

"Good." I smirk while wrapping my arms around him and my legs pulling him closer.

 "I wouldn't miss it for the world." I whither my finger down his chest from his neck. I kiss his neck. "See you at 7, Styles." I sucked on his neck giving him a faded hickie. I walked out the class room with my mini skirt and tank top.

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