Love and Reality

I meet someone special in an interview, and something happens to my life. Everything changes for the better, or do they?


1. The Interview

"So, Lola, Would you like a glass of water before we start the interview?" The lady conducting the interview asked.

"Sure, Thank you. So, where would you like me to start?" I asked hesitantly, not knowing because this was my first interview. She could tell that I haven't done this before in my life.

"Why don't we start from the beginning, the best part of a story." She replied with a reassuring smile upon her face. This made me feel a little bit my comfortable. I smiled back and took a sip of my water before I started telling her the story of my life.

" I was born October 21, 2000 in Las Vegas, Nevada. My mother's name is Lynette Boutelle and my father's name is Joey Boutelle. At the time, my family contained of my grandmother and grandfather, aunt, uncle, and 2 cousins." I said pausing for a response from the lady.

"Please continue." She replied in bore.

"My mother had to go take care of her grandparents in California, while my father staid in Las Vegas. I would go from Nevada to California every week until I was 3 years old. My father moved to California to help out my mom with me." I stated as though it was hard to say. I take another sip of my water.

"You never got to spend time with both of your parents at the same time, until you were 3?" The lady asked with both worry and astonishment. I nodded, not knowing what I should say. I took a quick sip of my water and got back to may story.

"My father was helping my mother because my grandmother, who is my mother's mom, was abusing me when my mom wasn't home. According to my mother I drank rotten milk, glass cleaner, and had gotten glue in my eyes. We finally moved back to Las Vegas, with her grandparents, after my grandmother threatened my mother to kidnap me. They bought a normal sized house. It had 2 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms, a pool, and 5 ghosts." I said, trying to slip the last part by but the lady had jumped in away that startled me.

"5 GHOST!?!?!?" She asked while managing to yell it as well.

"Yes. A mother, a father, a little bot, a little girl, and a baby." I replied as calmly as I could, still talking as normally as possible. "We moved in when I was 4. A girl that was living next to me made friends with me. Her name was Alejandra Malfavon , and she was 8 years old. We became great friends, and had lots of fun." I said as I remember that I haven't talked to her face to face since 2010. The lady cleared her throat, so I proceeded to tell my story.

"It was the day I had kindergarten, I was five years old. It was bed time, I was skipping to my mother's and father's room-


"Lola, don't run." Demanded my father. I didn't listen to him, I turned my head around and felt a push on my back. I woke up in the hospital and my mom was standing there just glaring at me. "Lola, are you o.k.?" I looked over and saw the doctor looking at me with concern on his face. I asked what happened and my mom explained what happened to me. "You fell and hit your head on the wall, and got a bad rug burn on your knee." I looked at my knee, it actually looked like I took a knife and took the skin off of my knee.


"I know I didn't fall over my feet, I was pushed by one of the ghosts. Ever since then, I considered my self a medium." I explained that as if it were a magical moment for me, because it was.

"Why don't we skip 5 years? So when you were 10, how was your life?" She asked as if I were a prime suspect, trying to get all the answers.

"Well, my mom and dad were fighting a lot and were wanting to get a divorce. That leading my mom to go to a mental hospital for 2 weeks. My cousin, Billy, was staying with us to help my dad out." I stated a little hurt because this was the most dramatic time of my life. I was crawling on the floor, looked over to my left, to see my cousin Billy, putting something black up to his mouth. My mom finally got out of the hospital and was so happy. To celebrate, we went to my uncle's house. I told my aunt what I so my cousin doing. Long story short, he stole form us, pawned it for money, and was using the money to buy heroin." I told the lady, even though I didn't want to, and she looked at like I was an adult and I knew everything. There was an awkward silence for about 5 seconds.

"Did you move?" She asked, knowing the obvious. I shook my head yea and she asked me where to.

"A worst part of Las Vegas. Right next to 3 cemetery's, 2 mortuary's, a heroin house, and a house where you go to get help from drugs. Living there, I think is where I had to do a lot of growing up." I replied instantly being a little rude, only because I didn't even want to live in the hood. She had a confused look on her face, as if she were trying to ask me why without actually saying it. "I had to go up because of drugs, gangs, and pretty much where I lived at. I had to carry a pocket knife to the store for protection. But kn-" I was cut off by the sight of a boy walking in on the interview.

"Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt, bu-" he didn't get to finish his sentence, he just looked at me.

"Do I need to leave the room so you can talk?" I asked the lady and the boy. He didn't move his eyes from me, he just stood there in what looked like shock.

"No, sorry. Finish what you were going to say love." The lady said to me and looked at the boy and smiled.

"But know I'm here, and I am grateful for my live now." I replied to her, but know a little more louder so the boy could hear too. There was more awkward silence and I didn't know what to do, so I looked at the boy again. I recognized him, his name was Harry Styles.

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