Love and Reality

I meet someone special in an interview, and something happens to my life. Everything changes for the better, or do they?



Sorry to inform you, but I will be ending this movella by this chapter. I don't like the way it is going and I want to start fresh. I will, how ever, be starting a new movella called My Irish Soldier. I only have the prologue right now but I will start that ASAP. If you would like to be in that movella, comment about you. Comment the following.


eye color:

hair color:

any facial features:

age (optional):

favorite thing to do:

your favorite in one direction (except Niall):


Thank you and hopefully you will be in My Irish Soldier.

P.S. your fave cant be Niall because the two mane characters are Lola and Niall. They fall in love.

Also this book will be based on the time when WWII took place.(1940s-1950s)

P.P.S Kik me: lolahoran_

Don't forget to comment down below


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