Love and Reality

I meet someone special in an interview, and something happens to my life. Everything changes for the better, or do they?


2. Metting Louis and Niall


For me, It was pretty awkward. She turned around studying me. I could then tell that she knew who I was. She made me feel special inside. I've never felt this way in my life.

She stood up and walked over to me. When she was standing, she was about 5"9'. Well actually, If she wasn't wearing those stilettoes, she would be about 5"3'. She had long, tan, legs. She was wearing a strapless, galaxy dress that made her hazel eyes pop. Her hair was straitened and came to the bottom of her back. I noticed her hair was pink, purple, green, and blue. As she got closer, her eyes turned green with grey spots. I saw that she was wearing no makeup, that made me think she is even prettier, she had just true beauty.

"Hi, I'm Lola Boutelle." She said, disturbing my thoughts. She had so much confidence in her voice, and a beautiful smile that was too precious. I told her my name, which made her giggle. I asked her what she was laughing at.

"The people behind you. *GIGGLE* They are so funny!" She pointed at them. I quickly turned around for 2 reasons,

1: I wanted to know who they are.

2: I wanted to know what they were doing.

I turned around, Niall and Louis were just standing there, staring at me.



I notice Niall and Louis behind Harry. Niall was making his hands' into the shape into a heart and Louis was making kissing faces. I giggle and told Harry. I saw him quickly turn around to see both of them just standing there, as if they were waiting for him.

"Hi, I'm Lola." I introduced myself to Louis and Niall, only to see Niall and Harry looking at me with a love-struck look in their eyes.



Louis leaned in and whispered into Niall's ear, "Calm down, mate. She's not food." He then proceeded to lean in and whispered into Harry's ear, "Mate, she's not a cat. Calm down," Louis introduced himself and Niall. The he grabbed Lola's hand leading her out of the building, leaving Harry and Niall in the room.

"You can thank me later for saving you from a whole bunch of awkwardness, Oh and we are going to find a Nando's. Do you know where one is at?" He asked in a way that almost made Lola giggle.

"What is Nando's?" Lola asked, really just not knowing what that was.

"I guess that there isn't one in Amer-" he didn't get to finish his sentence because Lola's phone started ringing.

"Hello? Oh, Hi momma. No, the interview was great. Hey, you'll you never guess who I just met. Si. Okay, we'll be over.  Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero !"

"Was that your mum?"

"Yeah, she wants all 4 of us to come to dinner. She's making tacos." Lola said this shyly, and looking at the ground.

"Tell me what 'Lo Mucho...', what you said you at the end means, and we'll come."

"Lo Mucho... QUE TE QUIERO. Means 'How much I love you.' in Spanish." Lola said as she made sure that Louis get the last part that he had gotten wrong.

He texted Harry and Niall, they came out of the building. They all got into the car and drove to Lola's house. Lola put in a cd that was actually Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero by Pedro Fernandez to show Louis where she got the saying.

They had Dinner with Lola's mom. "Thank you, Mrs. Boutelle." They all said with an instant smile. They left and it was just Lola and her mother.

"So, Lola, I could tell that Harry and Niall had something for you."

"Well, they have been like that all day."

"Oh, really? Did you tell Niall that you are part Irish?"

"No it never came up."

"You should tell him. And soon, so that maybe you can see what Ireland look like."

"I don't want to take advantage of them like that, and he hasn't met the family yet."

"Who do like the most?"

"Niall." Lola said with both wonder and embarrassment while she blushed.

"He should come the family reunion. Go and invite him or I will."

"Fine I'll go text him." Lola left the room with a smirk upon her face.


L: Hey my mom wanted me 2 invite u 2 the family reunion so u can meet them,.

N: Wen is it?

L: next weekend. on sat.

N: sure. I can come. should I bring something?

L: Well u can bring u and a 36 of beer. we r part german and irish.

N: wow. u r bound to b a party grl. sure i'll bring that. see u there.


N: thnx ;)

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