The Walking Dead (fan fic)

Its been 6 months since the plague has hit the world. Almost all of the population is gone, and few people remain. Kristy and her brother Martin have to survive alone. Desperate for food, and water, they'll do anything to get what they need for survival. They're parents have been infected by the infection, so Kristy had to kill them. Their father was a USA Marine Corp. Captain, so he taught them everything they need to know about fighting, survival out in the woods, and stealth. They still have much to learn, but a long the way they catch on to this new world real quick.


1. TS-0



                                                         "Kristy take a look at the map, how far in are we?"-"Uhm, looks like we're 18 miles in Atlanta." 18 miles in Atlanta. They didn't really know where they were going. They were just look for anything, any kind of salvation. They were starting to begin they were the only 2 people left alive. They hadn't seen anyone else the whole trip, but they haven't given up hope. They walked for hours and hours, until they walked past a building. There was a sign that said,"Center for Disease Control and Prevention." 

"Damn." said Martin. "Yeah, that place would've been helpful." 

The entire place was burnt to a crisp it looked like someone bombed it or something. They went through it to make sure they weren't missing anything good. "Kristy come here!" Kristy ran over to Martin and they stood there staring at 2 skeletons. "Oh god that's gross!" said Kristy. "Cmon." Kristy said tapping him,"We gotta get moving." 

They walked for miles, and hours and they didn't see anything. They saw a few dear here and there but that was it. At night they settled down and set up camp near a corner store. "Night Kristy."-"Night Martin." and they went off to bed. 

"Kristy!" Martin whispered. "Wake up I hear something!" Kristy jumped up like a crouching tiger ready for and attack. She grabbed a snub nose .357 magnum out her back pack and stood ready. By them they saw a lone walker stumbling on by like a town drunk. "Its only one of them." Kristy said. Martin pulled out a small switch blade. "I got this." as he said tapping his chest with his thumb. He walked up slowly behind the walker, then as swift as an eagle he swooped up grabbed it by it's hair pulled it back and dug the switch blade deep in the back of the walkers skull. "Yes!" he whispered. "Nice job Martin!", but then they heard more foot steps. Kristy grabbed a piece of wood that was sticking out from their fire and held it like a torch. She walked up a little bit farther than Martin and saw that there were hundreds of walkers closing in on them. Kristy stopped, dropped the torch and yelled,"RUUUUUUUUN!"  


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