My Lifesaver

What will happen when Rachel Brooks meets her lifesaver? What will happen when Justin falls in love with her and gets to know about her inner soul. Read to find out.


6. Secret room.

Justin's P.O.V

We got in the house and she showed me every single room. The decoration was really creative and cozy. There was a room where she could practice on her instruments and hopefully singing, there was a mini there stage as well. One thing annoys me though. She didn't show me her room. And I'm pretty sure that it was at 2nd floor, left door.

"I like your house."

"Thank you" she said chuckling. 

"But you haven't shown me your room."

"Oh, I don't have a room", she said with her cheeks becoming red and her mind insecure.

I didn't believe in her so I ran up and unlocked the door. She ran after me and tried to stop me, but when she finally realized I could go in there because she had hidden something that weren't there, she let me in. She just smiled and looked relieved. "Wow, I like your room, Rachel". I told her heavily while inhaling and exhaling the sweet smell of her room after the run.

"Why didn't you let me see your room?" I asked her, while raising my eyebrows.

"Nothing! Now you've seen it, so can we go?"

"I know you're hiding something from me!" I smirked knowing she would give up.

"Nope, just thought you would go to the library".

"What's wrong with the library, it seemed okay?"

"Okay I can't lie to you anymore." A sigh left her mouth and she took my hand and intertwined her fingers into mine. I looked at Rachel, then our hands then in the direction we were headed to.

"Where are we going?"  "just follow me and you'll see".

She didn't seem so happy about this, so I told her she didn't have to do this but fortunately she said she had too, because she couldn't lie to me.

We were going in her closet and I didn't understand a shit until I saw a door handle in the back of her closet. I now let her hand go and cupped my own face with my hands.

"OH MY RACHEL!?!?! Is this what you tried to hide from me?".


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