My Lifesaver

What will happen when Rachel Brooks meets her lifesaver? What will happen when Justin falls in love with her and gets to know about her inner soul. Read to find out.


12. Photoshoot.

Rachel's P.O.V

I kissed him. I felt sparks, like we were meant to be together. It was just a tease, but I want more of him. But to be honest, what's keeping us apart is his life. He's 'Justin Bieber, the most popular celeb in the world'. I'm scared to be with him in public, because you never know when your boyfriend could be embarrassed of you. And he has a world tour and I know I would be a distraction. I love him and that's why I have to give up on 'us'. If I could I would already be his girlfriend.

I was thinking about this while stroking Justin's puffy and dark blond hair. I had woken up before him. I was just lying there watching him breathe.

Suddenly he woke up and groaned. He rubbed his eyes and kissed my cheek. I blushed and he smirked so I just smiled. He stretched his arms and said 'good morning beautiful, slept well?' I hugged him and replied with a 'yes. wbu?'

Justin: I slept really well to be honest. You know why?

Rachel: why?

I raised my left eyebrow of curiosity.

Justin: because I dreamed about you.

He smirked and left the bed. I let him borrow some of my older brother's clothes. My older brother 'Thomas' went to Harvard four years ago. He was smart and popular at the same time, so he had swaggy  clothes that fit Justin very well. We ate breakfast and we decided to go to the river near my house. Everyone was at the hotel where Justin actually should've stayed at, but he didn't find Scooter or the rest of the crew.

I wore a purple flannel shirt and a pair of ripped jeans.

When we arrived we sat down on a bench with a table in the middle of the two benches. He sat on the opposite bench as me. We talked about how beautiful the river was and how I always used to come here when I was feeling down. I told him I stopped coming here after I started listening to his music. Somehow I found a way to relax and let all my problems go away with his music, it always helped me. He blushed often and stared at my eyes often too. I recognized that look.

Justin: that's cute tho, but this place is wonderful. I used to go to my grandparents when I-

I cut him off. 'I know' I said.

We looked at each other for some seconds and I felt so insecure even tho it was the 'I'm checking you out' look.

Suddenly my phone rang. I quickly excused myself and answered the call.

Justin's P.O.V

I was checking her out, it was awkward because she just looked down at the table trying to hide herself. Out of nowhere her phone rang. She came back with the biggest smile on her face. She screamed with excitement and jumped on me.


I wasn't surprised, I mean she's gorgeous.

Justin: 'OH MY GOD THAT'S GREAT' I screamed back at her.

Rachel: You can come if you want to. The studio is FAAAAR away from your hotel.

Justin: why not.

I smiled with a proud look and we drove to the studio. The building was enormous and beautiful. We walked in and saw the photographer. He shook my hand and I placed myself on a comfy chair.

Rachel got lead into the clothing/makeup room. When she finally came out I almost got a heart attack. She was so sexy and right at that moment I was speechless.

She knew she was smoking hot so she eyeflirted. She also smirked and I was so turned on. She wore high knee socks, a basket ball crop top and high waisted shorts.

She started to pose and it took my breath away. I just wanted to run up to her and rip her clothes off. I'm ashamed of my behavior and how I think, but I'm 19 and it's normal.

When she was done I drove her home (I'm not going to speed). I couldn't stop thinking about the scars she had on her arms. Only I could see them beneath the amount of make up they were covered in.

The photographers were so happy with the job she did so they promised to get her another job later on.

I was tired so I decided to sleep. Rachel had to get her makeup off. When she was done we looked through the photos of her. They were so sexy, so I decided to keep them. We lay in bed and laughed at some of the pictures she thought were weird and of course I had to prove to her that she was beautiful.

Rachel: it's so nice to be with you. It's so nice to lay in bed with you.

Justin: I feel the same way. I kissed her wrist and turned the other way and pretended to sleep. 'What was that for' she asked me. I didn't reply. I knew she was confused and thought about her scars.

'Well Goodnight' she muttered and turned the light off. I could hear her sobs. It killed me. I don't know what to do to make her happy. 'goodnight Rach' I said back.

Tomorrow's show time.


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