My Lifesaver

What will happen when Rachel Brooks meets her lifesaver? What will happen when Justin falls in love with her and gets to know about her inner soul. Read to find out.


3. More than I expected.

Rachels' P.O.V

I couldn't stop crying, I mean I'm in his bed with him and I just, I don't know what to say. This is way more than I expected. He gave me his T-shirt which covered my body all the way to my butt. After half an hour of talking about how much he meant to me he started falling asleep beside me. He looked so peaceful and calm. I couldn't help it but run my fingers through his hair and appreciate everything that happened to me past these two hours. I guess it's true that "Good things comes to those who wait-I mean goes out and fucking earns it".

I could watch him sleep all night but I was tired as well so I came closer to him and let my head rest on his chest.

Justin's P.O.V

I woke up beside the girl who I found yesterday. She was so perfect right now. I felt like I wanted to call her mine. WAIT!?!? Shit! Scooter can't find out about this. Me and Selena just broke up and he told me that if I connected with a girl more fans would leave. Dammit! I had to wake her up so I did.

Justin: Uhm, Rachel? Wake up please, c'mon wake up.

I grabbed her waist and placed her on my lap. I hugged her so tight until she woke up.

Rachel: what's happening?  She said with a weak voice. She rubbed her eyes and tried to cuddle. I pulled away and she was staring at me with confused eyes.

Rachel: is something wrong?

Justin: No, no we just have to wake up. Uhm, you can go to the bathroom first.

Rachel: is it a hurry?

Justin: Well, yeah.

Rachel: ok..

When she walked away I had the perfect sight. Her ass was my view now. Damn. The way she moved her hips back and forth when she walked. I want her so bad. She came back after 5 minutes and it was my turn.

I washed my face and brushed my teeth. I found some gel and put my hair straight up; the girls liked that. When I was back in my room she had already put her clothes on and went straight towards me.

Rachel: Thanks for letting me wear the T-shirt.

Justin: No problem sweetie, you hungry?

Rachel: yes!

Kenny got us some food from the kitchen downstairs and we started eating. We ate an omelet and drank some juice. I was really hungry. God I wish she could stay.

Rachel's P.O.V

Rachel: Thank you so much for everything Justin! I never knew this would happen, I'm so grateful.

Justin: No problem sweetie, see ya at the concert.

Rachel: I'm sorry but I don't have tickets..

Justin: Oh? Well I have extra tickets in my suitcase if you want them.

Rachel: oh my God! Ofc I want them! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

As he handed me the tickets I started to cry a bit.


"Yeah, enjoy and bring a friend if you want to". He said with a smirk.

I gave him a teddy bear hug and it seemed like we hugged for what? Hours, but it only lasted for some minutes. It felt so great. His scent filled my nostrils with pleasure. I couldn't believe I was gonna see him perform. Thank you God, for everything.


Dear everyone, NEVER SAY NEVER and BELIEVE. I hope you get tickets.

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