My Lifesaver

What will happen when Rachel Brooks meets her lifesaver? What will happen when Justin falls in love with her and gets to know about her inner soul. Read to find out.


5. Escaping.

Rachel's P.O.V

The owner of the arena came on stage and told us that everyone had to leave. I knew he lied though. Everyone went out and cried and sobbed. This was a life time experience.

Many girls came up to me and wanted a picture it was fun. The little girls fangirled all the time.

Hannah: I can't believe it, you are the best! Thank you for bringing me to the concert. So how did you really get the tickets?

Damn I forgot to tell her but this is a secret so I won't.

Rachel: Well someone sold them and I got them for really cheap money.

Hannah: I don't believe you but anyway, YOU WERE THE OLLG! WHY AREN'T YOU HAPPY?

Rachel: because I'm gonna miss him Hannah.

Hannah pulled me into a tight hug and stroked my back. "I'm gonna miss him too" she said sadly.

*RING RING* (lmao)

Justin: hey I need you to do me a favor.

Rachel: yeah sure what is it?

Justin: I can't move at all. The fans are everywhere. Come to the VIP room.

I went to the VIP room and they instantly gave me permission to let me go in.

I saw Justin and he ran up to me and hugged me.

Justin: Do you know how I can get out of the arena? The helicopter doesn't work and I can't drive cause there aren't any cars around here.

Rachel: don't worry Justin I know how to get you out of here.

He took my hand and we started running towards a blue door in the basement. We were free to go. But then the fans found us.

Justin: oh my God what now? You need to take me home with you, it's the only way.

Rachel: fine, just follow me.

It was hard to escape but eventually we got there. My house isn't very big but it's big enough for 7 persons, even though we're only four. Me, mom, dad and my annoying little brother David who's 8.

Justin's P.O.V

The house was white and quite big. The backyard was beautiful as well. They had benches and flowers all over the place, I loved the design.

The fans had stopped following us, but I couldn't stop thinking about the fact that I'm gonna be with her for a week. I just had to make a call with Scooter even though I know he won't like this. I just have to sound sincere.

Scooter: Justin where are you?

Justin: I'm with Rachel. I know you don't like this but I promise that nothing will happen. If it wasn't for her I would've been in the hospital.

Scooter: what do you mean?

Justin: you know I have claustrophobia.

Scooter: right, but I'll pick you up in 6 days ok?

Justin: fine.

*end of conversation*

I have to make her fall in love with me, like REALLY in love. Maybe she wants to go on tour with me? I mean it's summer and she's graduating next month.


Bad chapter I know but I'll make it up to you. Thank you for reading, I got a lot of inspiration of many writers in here. I'm doing this for you guys (everyone). So don't stop reading.

Maybe there will be a third person?

Or maybe something happens between Justin and Rachel?

Favorite my story to know when I'm updating and don't forget to become a fan. Bye boo's.

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