My Lifesaver

What will happen when Rachel Brooks meets her lifesaver? What will happen when Justin falls in love with her and gets to know about her inner soul. Read to find out.


2. Dreams do come true.

Rachel's P.O.V

I couldn't move at all, I made it even harder for him to carry me up. He grabbed my arm and then placed me on his arms. I was still crying and could see that he didn't understand a thing.


Justin's P.O.V

I had just left Antwerp and I know that my fans in Norway are crazy. When we finally arrived we took a taxi to the hotel. Me, Kenny, Scooter, Alfredo and Pattie. My dancers were already here having the workshop thing. We were very frustrated, cause the hotel was so big. As I saw a girl in the shadows I decided to ask her if she knew the way in to the hotel.

Justin: Excuse me I- The girl started to cry and placed her body on the ground. I didn't understand a thing. She made herself hard to carry but then I pulled her up and placed her on my arms. As I looked around I found the way in and shouted to the others. She didn't stop crying. She was cute though, with her long caramel brown hair and a mix of grey and green colors in her eyes I think. i didn't see them that good since she kept crying.

As we found our way to my room I placed her on my bed and looked around.

"WOHOOOOOOO!" I heard Alfredo shout while I realized this hotel was bigger and more beautiful than all the other hotels I've been in.

"I LOOOVE NORWAY" I heard Kenny scream and opened the refrigerator.

"OH MY JUSTIN!" I heard my mom say in an impressed and cute way.

Clearly she had woken up by the screaming. I placed myself beside her and got closer to her as our bodies were inches away. I kissed her forehead.


Girl: Am I dreaming?

Justin: No sweetie I said smiling.

I shouldn't have said that because she started crying again, the tears left right after each other and I took her hand in mine.

Justin: why are crying baby?

Girl: B-Because I..I..I love youu.

Justin: Awh! I didn't think of that, I love you too. What's your name sweetheart?

Girl: I-It's Rachel.

Justin: That's a beautiful name. My aunt is also named Rachel.

Rachel: Then I like my name. She said with a weak smile.

Justin: Please don't cry. I'm just a normal boy. Think of that okay?

Rachel: No! You're not! You are special, you're a life saver, you have talent. You're so perfect looking and sweet and kind. You're not normal, you're an angel and you have to realize that.

I felt a tear leave my eye as she spoke. She had an angelic voice and a beautiful way of saying things. I felt my cheek become red. I blushed, I've never blushed unless someone I really liked talked to me this way. No one has ever done that. Am I falling in love?


DON'T BE MAD FOR THE SHORT CHAPTER! I JUST HAVE TO GO TO MY HANDBALL TRAINING. Byeee, love you. I'll update later today and just ignore my first movella :)




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