Angel Eyes

After being with Liam from One direction for 2 years, Kaitlyn is truly in love. But will things get in between them and ruin their relationship?


3. Horrible.... just horrible

After Liam was done hugging and kissing Loki i decided to put him back in his crate, all of a sudden my phone went off. It was Perrie <hey Katie> she texted to me <Hey, what's up?> i texted back <Just wanted to know if you wanted to hang out?> i paused for a second <Yeah, sure wanna go shopping?> <Yeah definately> i thought of a time before i quickly texted back <Is 3 hours fine?> <Yes> she said <Ok, see you soon :) <3>. After that i put my phone back in my pocket and went into the living room, "hey babe, im gonna go shopping with Perrie in like 3 hours" he smiled and said "Ok, i will be here watching football with Niall' he chuckled. I smiled and went upstairs to get ready. I put on a nice baby blue lace dress with blue heels, then put my hair into a little bow on the top my head. Finally to finish my look i put on pinkie blue eye shadow and mascara, when i got downstairs Liam's jaw dropped. "Wow, you look amazing!" he said shocked i blushed"thanks babe, i gotta go but i will see you later" i  kissed his cheek and walked out the door. After i drove to the mall i met up with Perrie inside the mall at starbucks, "Hey girl" i said pulling her in for a hug. She smiled "Hey, i heard about the show 2 days ago, great job!" i smiled "Thanks, should we start shopping?" Perrie grinned "OF COURSE!" she squealed. After about 2 hours of intense shopping we said our good bye's and i headed home, right as i was about to turn on to our road a semi truck collided with a mini van. "Oh

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