Do you Promise?

Alyssa is abused at home, bullied at school, and doesn't have many friends. One day she runs away from home and right into the arms of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Irish boy. But what happens when others fall for her? And what about the past she left at home?


13. Nearing the End

Aly's P.O.V:

It had been nine months since Grace Olivia Horan was born. She was the cutest little baby. She had Niall's brilliant blue eyes and my dark-chocolate hair. She always smiled and ate. A lot. One day I was in the kitchen preparing lunch and Niall was sitting at the table entertaining her. The boys were over to say hi to our little bundle of joy. Louis was playing peekaboo with her, and Liam and Zayn were fighting over who could hold her. But it was Niall that caught my attention.

He lovingly tickled her belly, making her giggle. He placed a gentle kiss on her temples and then started talking to her. "C'mone, Gracie, say da-da." Liam laughed. "She'll probably say ma-ma first." 

Niall leaned his face close to hers and whispered to her, "Come on, say it. Say it so that your mommy can hear it before she has to leave us. You can't let her go without saying your first word. You love her too much. I love her, too. And I don't want to see her go. But there's no way we can help her. She-she's going to d-die." At this point his head was on the table, and tears were streaming down his face. Grace played with his perfectly styled hair, running her fingers through it. Niall's head came back up, and he saw me looking at him, crying. He handed Grace to Harry-much to the dismay of Liam and Zayn- and came over and wrapped me in his signature Horan hug. "I-I only h-have a month, Ni, only a month." He kissed my head and one of his warm tears dripped into my hair. "I know, babe, I know."

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