Do you Promise?

Alyssa is abused at home, bullied at school, and doesn't have many friends. One day she runs away from home and right into the arms of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Irish boy. But what happens when others fall for her? And what about the past she left at home?


14. Final Goodbyes

Alyssa's P.O.V:

Ten days. A week and a half until I was gone. I was already feeling it, my stomach hurting consistently. I watched as Niall played with Grace on the swing, her laugh making him smile. I felt like I was watching a video. He was smiling so big, and looked up at me. I smiled back at him and got up. 

I walked over, kissed Niall on the cheek, and pushed Grace on the swing. She turned around to see who it was. She smiled her little toothy grin, her blue eyes flashing. Niall placed his hands on my waist as he stood behind me. "Babe, you make a wonderful mother." I smiled up at him. "Thanks, Ni."

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