And You Are?...

''Ohmygod imagine getting invited to @Louis_Tomlinson 's party though!''

''Well @___Oliviaaaa , Why dont you come babe?''


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Liv's POV

I ran upstairs and threw my school bag onto the floor, kicked my shoes off and started playing the Take Me Home album on my phone. My mum wasnt going to be in for another hour or two, so it could be played as loud as I liked.

I turned up the volume to 100%, made myself comfy and started to do some homework. I didnt have much but I had three weeks off school because there was a new office getting built.

After 40 minutes of hard work, I heard the front door open and someone shout ''I'm Home!''. My mum, of course. She'd brought me KFC.. I could smell it

I quickly scrolled through my phone and checked twitter. A few new followers and mentions, nothing special.

I noticed a recent tweet from Louis Tomlinson, funny, the boys usually tweet when I'm busy. I read it outloud to myself

''Getting ready for next weeks party, whoop whoop!''

Ha, I'd love an invite!

I decided to tweet about it,

''Ohmygod imagine getting invited to @Louis_Tomlinson 's party though!!''

I read my tweet and laughed, many girls would be crying reading that, I ran downstairs to eat my dinner. All i could hear was my phone going off, every five seconds. What the hell? Well, someones obviously stalking me..

After half an hour of endless message alerts, i gave up and ran upstairs to turn my phone off.

My twitter mentions were in their thousands. My jaw dropped, I had 14k new followers.

I read a couple of them, they all mentioned the same thing


''Ew, why do you get an invite and i dont. I've liked him longer''




I scrolled to the bottom of todays mentions and what i seen made my heart stop beating...



In Reply To @___Oliviaaaa: Well babe, why dont you come?'' - @Louis_Tomlinson

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