Eventually~ Liam Payne FF


2. Bar

Liam's POV~

The following day I went downstairs to find the boys all sitting on couches and chairs and mumbling something to each other I couldn't hear. They all noticed I walked in and stopped their chatting to look up at me in silence. "Hey lads," I said walking over to one of the chairs and scrunching up in it. "Hello Liam." They all moaned back. "Ok." I sighed. "What's wrong? Seriously. Whenever you see me now all you do is sytop talking like your talking about me." There was a pause. "Are you talking about me?" Another pause swarmed the room with silence. "Yes. We are." Zayn said looking to the floor. All of the rest in the room including me stared deeply at Zayn for him to continue. Then Niall spoke up, "All we were saying is that when ever we try to include you in anything, you, you just... don't really seem like you want to be included. All you do now is sit in one place and always tell us how you never know what went wrong and what cause her to do that and how it was perfect between you and-" "I get it." I interrupted Niall. "I just never had a relationship that had lasted as long as two yearss. Or even a year for that fact. Other then with, "We get it to Liam. We knew all of that. And you're lucky to  to have that. Even though it didn't last. None of us had that. Ever." Zayn had an angry tone of voice in the last part. "Yeah. The only reason you're the one that had a two year relationship out of is because you're the most mature, not what Susan said. Just shut up about it already Liam!" Louis spat out the last sentence which shocked all of us. No one had heard Louis so serious or mad before. He sprung up from the couch and stomped up the stairs and slamming the door to the room." Harry said still in shock. "I have no idea." Niall replied walking into the kitchen towards the fridge unsurprisingly. "Okay... Well bye. I don't want to cause you guys any more 'problems'." I said. I walked out of the house confused. Had I really been talking about her that much? I thought to myself. I needed to get her out of my head. I needed to find someone new. It wasn't the best place to go right now, but I went to the bar. I know it was a really cheesy place, to go but I couldn't think of any other place. As I walked in I went straight to a lone table and sat, looking around for someone. The majority looked a couple years older then me, some much older then me, and last I spotted a group of six girls who were all laughing at something one of them had said. I slowly approached them and the gazed up at me. Their mouths dropped. "You're... You're..." One of them said. I realized they recognized me. One Direction. Wow, I'm an idiot. The same second they started screaming my name, I was in 1D, and ect. I stood there for about 20 more seconds, with the girls still screaming, and everyone, literally everyone in the bar staring at us. I didn't feel like standing there because I assumed that they wouldn't be able to talk for awhile. I walked out and was surprised that they didn't follow me. They were probably still hysterically screaming. Is that what all of our fans are like? Wow. 

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