A young, rebellious orphan girl is adopted by a group of hot vampire guys


2. Happiness

His breath left chills on my neck. It also smelled like deer. Just as I thought he was about to take a bite out of me, he whispered into my ear. "Thank you." I blinked. Did he....just....thank me? "Um....Huh?" 


He chuckled. "I said thank you. For lying to the police. If you hadn't done that, my brother might be in prison. But may I ask why you did that for him?"


"Well first off, I just LOVE messing with the cops. And secondly, I saw everything he did to that cow. Besides, the only thing they would be able to arrest your brother for is trespassing. This isn't India, you know. We don't worship cattle." I stated. The vampire smiled. "Perhaps my brother would like to thank you himself, no?"


"Probably. But we don't know each other, and he's not here. And who are you? I mean, I don't want to keep calling you Vampire Dude." I replied.


"My name is Marco de Vicilises. And you are Raine Kister, 16 year-old chess champion orphan, no?" He answered.


"H...How did you know about that chess thing?" I asked.


"My brother, the one you lied about, is a big chess fan and read about you in the newspaper." Marco replied. "He was actually going to challenge you to a match."


"Well, I would love to play against him. Sometime." I laughed. Marco laughed as well and led me to what looked like a dining room with a table that had four men (whom I'm assuming are also vampires) sitting at it. They all looked up as soon as I entered the room. One of them hissed at Marco. "You fool! You brought a human here?!"


"Well technically, I trespassed." I corrected him before Marco could say anything. 


"Get out!" He growled.


"Alec! That's enough!" Marco shouted. I raised my hand towards Marco. "No Marco. It's fine."


"He could kill you, Ms. Kister." Marco looked at me worriedly.


"So? If I die because of this man's anger management issues, then I die. But you," I turn to 'Alec'. "Need to mind your tongue. Don't hate on me because I'm human and you can't control your goddamned bloodlust!" His eyes widened, but quickly went back to their previous state as he growled once more and sat back down. I smirked, a bit happy that I won an argument against a vampire. 


Marco motioned for me to take a seat, and I did. "This is Raine Kister." He introduced me. "She lied to the law to protect you, Lestat."


The one Marco called Lestat, leaned forward. "What did she lie about?"


"Your nightly escapade. The last one." Marco smiled. Lestat looked at me. "Why would you do that....for me?"


"Because I hate how cops want to arrest someone for doing something that others have been doing for years. They wanted to arrest you because you drank the blood of a freakin' cow. If they want to arrest someone for cow tormenting, they should start with the damn slaughter houses." I stopped, and laughed nervously. I was ranting, and they just sat there, listening. 


"You seem very....intelligent for a girl of your standards." Lestat commented.


"Maybe be that's why I'm so good at a boring, psychological game that's the snobby cousin of checkers." I chuckled. Lestat laughed, and in what looked like a fit of anger, Alec got up and stormed out of the room. "Uh..."

"So, Ms. Kister, where do you reside?" Marco asked me.

"I'm still at the orphanage. Apparently people don't want a quote-on-quote 'wild child'." I replied.


"....Then perhaps you should live here, with us." Marco motioned to the others. I blinked, surprised at Marco's offer. What was I going to do? My happiness is standing right in front of me! 


Oh boy. Another dilemma. 

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