Give me love

"Give a little time to me, or burn this out. We'll play hide and seek, to turn this around. All I want, is the taste that your lips allow,"
Sometimes love can be found in the most unexpected places. Sometimes, you fall for the wrong people. Keigan Summers is a wallflower, who minds her own business along with her best, and only, friend, Harry Styles. Lyrics are her life, music is her escape.

Makenna Ross is your typical popular girl - dating the quarterback of the football team, Liam Payne, best friends with the rest of the team. She's got everything she ever wanted, except for one person.

What happens when the two worlds collide? It's always been said that love is blind - it sees no age or appearance. Can love pull through, this time, though?


5. Chapter 4

Give Me Love

Chapter Four: 









**Makenna's POV** 





I stans at the curb waiting. The bell rang 20 minutes ago, where whe heck was he? Liam and I are supposed to be hanging at his house after school today.

I look around, but all I see is couples walking hand in hand, teens getting in their cars, but no sign of Liam.

"H-Hey," someone says from behind me. I have never heard this voice before. I spin around to face a curly haired boy.

"Uh- Do I know you?" I ask.

"My name's Harry," he smiles sticking his hand out.

"And I'm leaving." I smirk.


I start walking to Liam's house. I guess I could have been nicer but thats not how things work around here. I walk into Liam's complex. There are little children running around screaming, parents trying to get their kids back inside. I pull out my iphone. I dial Liam's number. I pull the phone to my ear.

'Hi, you've reached Liam Payne! Sorry I'm unavalible but please leave a message after the beep'

I sigh before ending the call. I look around for his house. I forgot the number. All the houses look the same! It is then I see the familiar 'Payne' mailbox. House 387.

I walk to the door and knock lightly. I wait two minutes before turning the door knob lightly. It is unlocked. I walk in the house. There is a pair of Liam's darl black converse laying beside a pair of girls pink ones. What is going on here?! I slide my black flats off before walking up the spiral staircase slowly. I hear giggling. Liam's door is shut. I walk to the door and push it open.

"MAKENNA!" He shouts when he sees me.

The girl who was with him seems flustered. She looks down, sitting on the bed

"Why are you acting surprised?" I huff

"Cause I am," he said.

The girl on his bed snorts.

"Shut up!" I hiss towards her. She looks back down. Then, I notice she is wearing a pair of his sweatpants. WHY?!

"So Makenna would you like to tell me why your here? How you got in? And why didn't you tell me you were coming?" Liam sighs.

"Well, I waited twenty minutes for you to pick me up after school.. We were gonna hang out after school here remember?"

"Makenna, I'm SO sorry I forgot! I had to ma-" He starts.

"Save it Liam!" I cry. "Then this curly haired un-popular boy tried talking to me!"

"Harry!" The girl on the bed breathes.

"So I came here to find you. Then I called, then I knocked and nobody answered!" I say in between tears. "Then I come up to see you with another girl, laughing, and shes wearing your clothes Liam! You missed practise today and I see you with her!" The tears still pouring down my cheeks.

"Makenna babe, why are you crying?" He asks sadly.

"I just got ditched by my boyfriend for this!" I gesture to the girl.

"Her name is Keigan!" He shouts.

"I don't care Liam! You realize if people see you with her your gonna become un-popular and kicked off the football team?!" I asked.

"I don't care Makenna! I like Keigan. She's nice," He smiles towards her.

"LIAM YOU DON'T GET IT!" I cry. "You ditched me twice, I come here and your with this girl and shes wearing your clothes!"

Liam walks over to me placing his cold lips on mine. We move in sync before he pulls away.

"Makenna I'm so sorry!"

I sigh. I pull my hair back into a high pony. I peck Liam's lips before running down the stairs.

I pull my flats on and open his door slamming it shut.

"Makenna wait!" Liam shouts out his window. I just keep walking. I walk into the starbucks and sit down at a table.

"Hi, I'm Natalie can I please take your order?" A girl about my age asks. Her brown hair is pulled back in a fishtail braid, her deep green eyes look back into mine. She is gorgeous but she seemed shy.

"Uh, yeah? Isn't that why your here?" I ask. I guess it was rude. She looks taken back by this. She just smiles through it though.

"Sorry, can I just have a hot chocolate please?" I ask. She nods and comes back a few minutes later with my drink. I bring it up to my lips taking a giant gulp. It burns my tongue but it is delicious.

"Uh, is this seat taken?" Someone asks.


Pulling the chair in front of me out so they could sit, I shake my head 'no' but I should have looked to see who it was first.  

"I'm Harry," The boy from earlier says.

"Makenna" I say.

"I know. You're like a popular" He smiles..

"Exactly so why are you here?" I ask the boy.

"Uh, I- you just seem fun to talk to." He mumbles.

I can tell he is scared now. I guess I could make his day and just talk to him.

"Alright. What do you want to talk about?" I ask.

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He shrugs. "Do you like music?"

I giggle. "No," I laugh.

"Why not?" He asks.

"I've just never been interested in it." I sigh.

"Oh, you should come to music during free peirod. Thats where I learned to like music. I never wanted to learn music or sing but Keigan made me go."

"Keigan?!" I ask.


"Then this curly haired un-popular boy tried talking to me!"

"Harry!" The girl breathed.

-End of Flashback-

"Yeah she's my best friend" He smiles.


"Yeah. So how about tomorrow you come to music with me?" He asks.

"Fine." I huff.

He claps his hands in excitment.






"Hey," Liam says, walking up beside me.

"Hey," I mumble.

"Whats wrong?" He asks.

"Like you don't know Liam." I breathe.

"Makenna look at me."

I stop and look at him.

"I said I was sorry. I forgot about that I was picking you up. Her jeans were stained from her period, so I let her borrow my sweats." He says before pulling my lips to his.

I pull away quickly before jogging over to where Harry is standing. Liam just stands there watching me.

We walk into the music room. I sat down beside Harry. The girl glares at me and sent Harry a look.

Isn't Liam in this class? It is then Liam walks in. He looks around and takes the empty seat beside me.

"Sorry to interupt students but prom is approching! Prom is in 2 weeks and the prom king and queen nominees are Amanda Hind, Hannah Stewart and Makenna Ross. Prom king nominees are Niall Horan, Harry Styles and Liam Payne."

I smirk. Of course. I'm the most popular girl in school - prom queen is in the bag.


After class, which I found extremely boring, I'm at my locker, grabbing my cheer leading outfit.

"So, you're running for prom queen," I hear someone say. It's Harry.

I turn to look at him. "Yeah," I say. "And you're up for king."

"It's one even knows who I am," he says.

"Sometimes they choose at random," I shrug, not particularly wanting to talk to him.

"Oh," he says. Obviously, I've crushed his spirtits. Oh well.

"Is there something you wanted?" I ask him, sighing.

"Uhm, yeah," he says. He moves closer.

"What are you-"

He cuts me off. "I want to try something," he says.

And then, his lips are placed on mine. And I have no idea what is going on.

But what I do know, is that Liam is right behind us.  


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