Give me love

"Give a little time to me, or burn this out. We'll play hide and seek, to turn this around. All I want, is the taste that your lips allow,"
Sometimes love can be found in the most unexpected places. Sometimes, you fall for the wrong people. Keigan Summers is a wallflower, who minds her own business along with her best, and only, friend, Harry Styles. Lyrics are her life, music is her escape.

Makenna Ross is your typical popular girl - dating the quarterback of the football team, Liam Payne, best friends with the rest of the team. She's got everything she ever wanted, except for one person.

What happens when the two worlds collide? It's always been said that love is blind - it sees no age or appearance. Can love pull through, this time, though?


2. Chapter 2

Chapter Two: 









I pull my blond hair back into a neat high pony tail. I look around the football field. Still no sign of him. All the girls are doing their warm ups and the boys are just laughing at everything and watching.

It's free period. This is the time when the jocks joke around, the cheerleaders practice, others walk around or do extra classes like Music or Art. None of these things are really 'for me'

I'm thankful for the clear weather. Being only April, I'm surprised it isn't raining. The girls and I usually practice indoors.  


"Hey Babe," Zayn laughs, walking over, wrapping his arm around my waist. I shake out of his grip quickly.

"Makenna." I say.

"Right," he says.

"Where's Liam?" I ask.

"I don't know? Probably snogging another girl somewhere." He chuckles. My face drops. "Relax Kenna! I'm joking!" He breathes. I walk away, swaying my hips.

"Makenna!" Julia shouts, jogging over to me. "We've practised and I think we're ready to try the pyramid!" She smiles. I just nod.

Our cheerleading team has been the best cheerleading team in London since I first started here. I've been the captain since I was in year 10. I fall into my splits and start streching.

"Kay! Julia, Hannah, Bethany, Stephanie and Jessica your on the bottom! Joy, Cristina and Kat your next. Then I want Hillery and Alexis next. We're going to have to do this within 30 seconds." I order the girls.

They all nod their heads, meaning they understand their part. "NIALL!" I call. He jumps off the bench from where he was sitting with his friends. I pass him the timer.

"Ready?" He asks.

"GO!" I shout. I hear him click the timer. All the girls scatter to their spots. I climb to the top and pull my leg out so it is straight out.

Niall clicks the button. "27," he says. The girls cheer, but don't move. I am just getting ready to climb down, when someone sneezes. The pyramid starts shaking. I fall back and start hurdling towards the ground. I let out a loud scream. With my luck Niall catches me.

"Thanks." I smile. "Who sneezed?!" I ask. Cristina slowly raises her hand. "DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU COULD HAVE DONE?! I could have broken a bone!" I screech. "Leave!" I scream.

She runs off the field. This is what I have no patience for. What if that happened at the Championships? We would have lost. My team has to stay in A+ shape.

"LOUIS, ZAYN, NIALL!" They all sigh and walk over. "We're practising the other pyramid."

They all bend down. Hannah climbs on Louis shoulders, Stephaine on Zayn's and Julia on Niall's. Bethany and Joy carefully climb up so that they are on aswell. This ends up a disaster. I just sigh. Louis walks over to me.

"What's wrong? You seem stressed," he says.

"Where's Liam?" I ask him. He shrugs.

I just walk off to my best friend. "Hannah!" She stops walking. "Have you seen Li?" I ask her. She shakes her head 'no'.

"I can't find him anywhere!" I snap.

"It's fine! I'm sure he's okay."

I just nod. We walk inside the school again and into the change room. The change room is right next to the music room. Which frankly I hate. They all sound terrible.

I'm afraid to tell them either. Usually I would go in before the bell rang and tell them before Ms.Chabosky kicked me out.

I go to my locker and grab my clean uniform. I take my sweaty one off before walking over to the showers. I let the hot water wash off all the sweat and dirt but also my worries of Liam. I wash my hair and jump out quickly. I dry my long hair and skinny body.

Skinny? Because I excersize? Because I'm a cheerleader?


Because I have an eating disorder.

My parents just don't care either. My mums not afraid of saying I'm anorexic and my father just says I need help but never gets me any. I don't eat and when I do I make myself throw up after. Why? A popular needs to be skinny. Your not skinny here? Your not popular. Liam notices he just doesn't say anything. Zayn notices, he doesn't care. Louis' notices he just likes me better this way, Niall notices he just keeps his mouth shut. Hannah notices shes the one who got me here. Shes the one who made me anorexic, shes the reason I throw up.

If all these people notice then everyone in the school must. Unless they just think I'm skinny. I apply makeup and let my hair fall down into it's wavy curls. I leave the change room and walk over to the music room. Music fills my ears. It's terrible! It is a male and female. The lyrics fill my ears;

"Another day another life 

Passes by just like mine  

It's not complicated  

Another mind  

Another soul  

Another body to grow old 

It's not complicated"

She sings loud and clear. I don't regonize the song. It doesn't sound the kind of music I would listen too.

"Do you ever wonder if stars shine out for you?  

Float down  

Like autumn leaves  

And Hush now Close your eyes before the sleep 

And you're miles away  

And yesterday you were here with me  

Another tear  

Another cry 

Another place for us to die  

Its not complicated"

A male sings. That voice is so firmiliar. I open the door. Liam! Liam is singing with...another girl?  


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