Souls rotting in the afterlife

Ever wondered if the after life's real? Then read the book to find out…
Sophie Bryan's was living a happy life until the ay she got murdered. She got through to the afterlife but for the second chance, she has to decide who dies. When she ends up in love with an alive person, everything ges wrong and Sophie has to kill him! Will she do it or not ?


2. ~ Chapter 1

Hey! Ever wondered if there was a thing, such as ' The Afterlife' ? Well, if you read on, this book will answer all your questions! At first, when I was alive, I would of said " Nah! That's all a load of mumbo-jumbo!" Probably,  when I got to the point where I was about to die, I  would've begged and prayed ( even though I didn't believe in god) that there was. Huh, believe  in godwhen I want to! I'm not really sure how I got here, it all went PRETTY fast. But basically, it's true. There is an after-life after all. But not the way they teach it to you in R.E , stupid recarnation of the soul, there's two tunnels! Pphhhhhfggggg , now that's a load of rubbish! Here's the story of how I THINK  it happened…

I was having a night out with the girlies, I was only 18, you know, just chilling at the pub. A man , fair hair, pearly-white teeth grinning in a dazzling grin. However, the particular smile seemed to be aiming at me. I giggled , uncertainly. Then Ria, my bestest friend since secondary school, told me to loosen up a bit. And if course, I did because nobody, and I  mean NOBODY, tells Ria Johnson no. I learnt that the hard way! I strutted up to the man, cool (but a liiiiitle bit drunk) and grinned, cheekily. He raised his eyebrows at me and I dud the same, not really sure what he meant. He laughed up roaringly , then led me to somewhere more private. The ended up the storeroom! He clicked the lock and sighed contentedly. (I know, I know! I should've gotten out of there while I could!)   He leant his head on mine and smushed his lips into a kissing position. Me, not knowing what was coming up next, pushed him away violently. He landed on the floor with a thump and glared angrily at me. He smirked evilly and reached into his pocket to reveal a sharp, cleaver. I gasped, petrified, stood still like I was made f stone. I felt the cold meal plunge into me and everything went black. But then, suddenly I felt awake again and I stood up cautiously. The whole area was white, and was still white n the distance. Where was I? " SO," A voice boomed, " SEEING AS YOU DIED IN SUCH AN UNFAIR WAY( Died?!) YOU GET A SECOND CHANCE, TE AFTER LIFE! YOU SHALL STAY 18 FOR ETERNITY! BUT THIS CONES WITH A PRICE, YOU SHALL DECIDE WHO DESERVES TO DIE!" I squealed in delight. I get a second chance! I get  a second chance!!! I GET A SECOND CHANCE! "SO, DO YOU TAKE THIS OFFER, WHICH I FIND PLEASENTLY EQUAL?" The voice asked, ear-deafingly. "YES,YES,YES!" I screech. Then I land back down to earth with a bang. I appear in the pub again, only this time, the man was dead. 

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