Mr James

A short Ghost Story in five nights


6. Day Six

Daniel awoke late on the next day. He noticed his clock. It was after nine, but his parents had not woken him. He became aware of noises outside and looked out of his window. His parents were standing in the street next to Jason and his parents. There was a police car outside the house and several of the neighbours were also gathered around outside. Daniel ran outside to his Mother and Father.


Apparently, Mr. James was missing. There were signs of a struggle inside the house but no sign of anything missing or stolen. The police were baffled by the disappearance and eventually put Mr. James on file as a missing person. Nobody ever saw him again.


Mr. Wright found footprints leading through his garden but, as they were barefoot said the police, were not any indication of an attacker. In any case, the marks were obviously that of a child.


The only other puzzling part of the case that the police were never able to explain was the presence of these same footprints in Mr. James house.


Most puzzling of all was that the footprints were wet and muddy and the green leaves that were found crushed into the carpet were from willow trees.


And there were no willow trees at all in Ashton woods.






The End

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