Pretend Love

Jinger Snow is a 18 year old teen sensation. With more than 5 gold albums and 3 Grammy winning movies she is continuing to go further. One day the management of one direction comes across of her and gets a brilliant idea, as what they think it is. Harry styles is forced to date Jinger, while she is unaware of the publicity stunt. What happens when he actually falls in love? What happens when she finds out?


1. Are you serious?

Harry's POV:

"Are you fucking serious?" I can hear me shout.

"Does it look like I am?" Aiden says.

"No. I can't do this, I'm sorry. I might look like a fucking man-whore but I am not one, I don't like to mess with hearts and I really don't want to." I say

"We'll then listen to this, this showbiz, it's a commitment. You don't think about hearts and love here, all you should care about is fame and getting more of it. And you made that commitment, you signed that piece of shit so I recommend you stick with it."

"I can't do this okay? I'm not breaking a girls heart or pretending to be in love with her just to gain fame. I know, I told you I liked her music but that's it. I don't want to make her think or make anyone think that we're together. Okay? What if she finds out? Well she'll on,y find out if we actually do this thing but we aren't going to, okay? That's it." I heard myself about towards the end.
I walked towards the door hoping I wouldn't be messed with.

"Hey, listen to me now. You're doing this. I called this meeting not so we could decide what we're gonna do, but so we could tell you what we're gonna do." Aiden said as he grabbed my wrist.

I really didn't have a choice. I can believe I pulled myself into this. Everyone told me that if you want something work towards it, don't take it away from others. But I signed that paper and now if I didn't follow my words he'd file a lawsuit. Maybe I'll just tell her on the first "date", she'll understand, right?

"Are you in then?" He says.

"Fine." I say, that's all I could say.

He handed me a piece of paper with her number. I think I knew what to do next.

Jinger's POV

I picked up the phone and put it to my ear.

"Hello?" I heard a slow voice say.

"Um, hey? Do I know you, because I seriously don't have time to talk." I reply

"Well, it's Harry Styles, from one direction. I think you should know me, if you don't I do the same thing as you."

"Oh yeah, I know you. Well I've heard, of you. So why'd you call?"

"Well, I was hoping we could hang out maybe. As in maybe not a date, unless you want it to be, that is."

"Maybe not, I'm literally full all week and I seriously don't have enough time to eat. Maybe some other time?"

"Wait no! Are you free tonight?"

"Yea, but I don't think we're in the same city or anything."

"I'm in L.A. as well! Don't worry! Just tell me where you want to meet and I'll be there."

"Wow, so you know where I am. Just meet me at that Chinese  place, in the gateway mall."

"Okay, the I'll see you there maybe."

"Not maybe, for sure."

He hung up. 
Well wow, I just randomly got a call from Harry Styles and got asked out. I guess I might as well dress up. I really don't want to go, since I might as well stay home in the only free time I have.

Harry's POV

I got into the mall and went up to the restaurant.
"Table for 1?" I heard the attendant say,

"2." I said, "I'm waiting for someone."

I could hear whispers and flashes of cameras, though it was nothing new. At least the paparazzi had something better to do today. 

I waited for 10 minutes, until I finally saw what I feared. I big group of paparazzi, but instead of invading me, they were doing it to someone else. I think I knew who it was.

I saw the big guards clear the way, and there I saw probably the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.
She had Light Brown, almost blonde hair. It curled down beautifully reaching her shoulders, that was where that beautiful black dress started. Her eyes were the most amazing shade of blue. She saw me and smiled, and walked towards my table. I got up and gave her a hug as she came close. 

"Hey! You're even more perfect in person, Harry!" She said with an adorable smirk revealing her dimples.

"We'll you're not the same as I saw online either." I winked.

She was going to sit down as I pulled out her chair. Then sat back in mine.

Jinger's POV

Our date was coming to an end, though I didn't want it to. Before this I honestly thought of him as someone completely different, but he acted as if he was never famous. He got up after signing the paycheck and pulled out my chair. This date had been so fast, I can barely remember what we talked about. I actually think this guy is different, and I don't think he's using me for once.

We went outside the mall and he grabbed my hips by surprise.

"I had a lot of fun today, you're beautiful." He said
As smile came onto my face and I feel he noticed because he smirked.

"As much as I don't want to admit it, I did to. And you're not less hot either."

He kissed my cheek as I got out of the car. He was all words, no game. I had read a lot about him and how he was flirty, but it didn't show. I had the best time.



*Authors Note*
Please reply in the comments and tell me what you thought about this fan fiction.
Should I update it?
Just so you know Aiden was one of the guys from the management.
Please tell me what you think because I'm really not sure about the story.

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