Based ten years after a nuclear war that destroyed most of the world. A small city in England called Eden has people who live to protect themselves and those around them. But when a group called the Dwellers threaten their lives as their leader who is only a ten year old girl who they believe has supernatural powers caused by the war, has said they will rage war with Eden. Eden's only saviours are an old army group who they call the disciples. They are the only hope for Eden. But they start to discover things about the Dwellers and their leader. Will the group fall with Eden or will they fight to protect. This action pact story is filled with twists and heart ache that will make you want to read more!


2. The Beginning

Palmer woke up with beads of sweat running down her face, another dream about her husband and daughter. She misses them so much it hurts to think about them. She stood up and stretched her arms and legs. She gripped a metal bar hanging above her that was connected to the ceiling. She pulled herself up and let herself back down not letting her feet touch the ground. She repeated this, counting in her head. Palmer felt her arm and back muscles tense. She dropped herself down wiping the sweat dripping down her cheek. Palmer walked to the bottom of the bed and knelt in front of metal bucket filled with water. She dunked her hands in, the water was still cold. She splashed water onto her pale skin. She stood up and walked to the clothes placed on her old brown dressing table. She put the plain white plain top on first. Then her filthy combat pants. She then put on her dark green coat on. She finally put her black boots on. She looked in the rusted mirror that was covered in dirt. She could hardly see her reflection, she liked it that way. She walked out of her half broken house into the street. The same children were playing outside with their deflated football. Palmer always felt a sharp pain in her chest, but she got used to it. She walked down the eroded stone steps. She walked past the children and carried on walking down the street. She needed to go to the closest command center to get her duties for the day even though they were pretty much the same every day. She carried on walking down the street. Palmer could see her breath. It must be near the end of autumn soon. The sky looked grey and black still, with a hint of sun peeking through the darkness. Palmer thought it was the only thing holding everyone together. Palmer reached the command center. She opened the rusted door to see the same lady sitting at the desk. Her name was Jessica Williams.

“Hey Palmer, here’s your schedule for the day.” Jessica said passing the schedule notes to Palmer. Palmer looked over them carefully. She noticed a change in the schedule. Instead of handing out food for lunch she was meeting with President William Fleming. She hadn’t seen President Fleming in weeks. It had to be something serious.

“Why have I got to meet with President Fleming?” Palmer asked Jessica.

“I’m not sure, not much information was told about that, but I know that Captain Ackerman and his squad are meeting him too.” Jessica said. Palmer felt pain and hate take over. She hadn’t spoken to any of them in months maybe even a year. She ignored them if they tried, she never forgave them for what happened to her family. Palmer was more help than she let on. She was in the army before the war, she was one of the best female snipers in the country. Captain Ackerman was the leader of the squad she was assigned with along with others that had their own abilities. If they were going to this meeting with the President, she knew it was important. She just feared being with them again. Palmer nodded her head, she folded the schedule in two and put it in her pocket and walked outside. Palmer was very curious about what was going on, but she knew she needed to wait until twelve ‘o’ clock, even though it was only eight ‘o’ clock. First on her schedule was to go to the cafeteria and have breakfast. The cafeteria was only down the street.

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