Based ten years after a nuclear war that destroyed most of the world. A small city in England called Eden has people who live to protect themselves and those around them. But when a group called the Dwellers threaten their lives as their leader who is only a ten year old girl who they believe has supernatural powers caused by the war, has said they will rage war with Eden. Eden's only saviours are an old army group who they call the disciples. They are the only hope for Eden. But they start to discover things about the Dwellers and their leader. Will the group fall with Eden or will they fight to protect. This action pact story is filled with twists and heart ache that will make you want to read more!


1. Prologue


Ten years ago a nuclear war destroyed the world leaving only few groups of survivors left across the world. Eden is the only civilized group left in England led by President William Fleming keeping the people who weren’t affected badly by the radiation safe, there is not many of us, Eden is protected by large concrete walls keeping the people inside away from the dangers outside. A large group of people we call the Dwellers live outside of Eden as they were affected by the radiation. They are led by a small child called Eve who they believe has supernatural powers caused by the radiation. The people will do anything she says as they think she is there savior. President Fleming thought that their minds are too affected by the radiation to let them in Eden, but he must be right if they are led by a child who is only about ten, only a few years younger than my little girl.

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