Based ten years after a nuclear war that destroyed most of the world. A small city in England called Eden has people who live to protect themselves and those around them. But when a group called the Dwellers threaten their lives as their leader who is only a ten year old girl who they believe has supernatural powers caused by the war, has said they will rage war with Eden. Eden's only saviours are an old army group who they call the disciples. They are the only hope for Eden. But they start to discover things about the Dwellers and their leader. Will the group fall with Eden or will they fight to protect. This action pact story is filled with twists and heart ache that will make you want to read more!


6. Prepare

The squad walked out together (including Noah and Palmer). They noticed straight as they left the Presidents house a mob of people were outside. The president’s men were trying to hold them back but it wasn’t working they were pushing through.

“What the hell is going on?” Ackerman said to one of the Presidents men who were at the top of the stairs.

“They found out about the meeting and what it was about.” One of them answered. Ackerman wasn’t having this. He pulled out his gun from his holster and fired it up in the air. There was sudden silence.

“This isn’t needed! We are sorting out the problem in the best way we can! We don’t need you making a mob and scaring people! What you heard maybe true, but you know that we can deal with it! We are Eden and I assure you we…”

“Kick butt!” Finley said interrupting Ackerman. The squad looked at him disgusted by what he said. The mob looked around at each other confused. Suddenly the mob cheered raising their arms. Finley pushed passed Ackerman and stood on the low stone wall raising his arms.

“Just from that you all owe me a beer!” Finley shouted to the mob. Finley didn’t realise the crowd didn’t hear him over the cheers from the mob. Ackerman pulled him down form the wall. Ackerman looked at him disappointed.

“What it worked!” Finley said smiling.

“Just let him go Ack.” Palmer said with a laugh. Ackerman put his arms down; he was shocked by what Palmer called him. Ack? She hasn’t said that in years. Palmer started to walk down the steps. Finley was straight behind her throwing his hands in the air. Drury and Burrell walked down the steps beside each other. McConnell went and stood next to Ackerman, he gestured his head down the stairs. Ackerman nodded, they walked down the steps. Finley ran down the steps and stopped in front of Palmer stopping her in her tracks. Finley pulled out a cigarette from his coat pocket and lite it and placed it in his mouth.

“I thought I was the thief around here, but you, you really stole my heart.” Finley said pointing and winking at the end. Palmer rolled her eyes.

“Firstly you have already said that to me and maybe a hundred other women, secondly only the girls you get drunk will find that slightest flattering, and lastly you have no chance.” Palmer said pushing Finley to the side and walking past. Finley watched Palmer walk away.      Burrell and Drury joined Finley.

“Didn’t think you were that stupid.” Burrell said slapping Finley on the back and walking away with Drury. Ackerman and McConnell walked past saying nothing. Finley joined the back of the group. The group walked through the crowd, the crowd moved out of there way. The group joined together at the end of the crowd.

“Where are we going?” Palmer asked Ackerman.

“Let’s go and get a beer!” Finley suggested.

“I don’t think this is the right time…” Ackerman tried to say but was interrupted by Palmer.

“Actually that’s not a bad idea!” Palmer said smiling.

“Fine then, but not too many.” Ackerman said. Finley wrapped his arm around Ackerman’s shoulder and also Palmer’s. Burrell and Drury stood beside Ackerman close to each other, their fingertips could touch. McConnell stood next to Burrell but was at a distant from him. Palmer noticed Noah was going a different way.

“Hey Noah where do you think you’re going?” Palmer asked. Noah stopped suddenly and turned. Everyone turned to look at him.

“I might just go home, drinking isn’t really my thing.” Noah replied slowly walking back.

“C’mon it’s only a couple of drinks.” Burrell said smiling finally gripping Drury’s hand. Noah took a deep breath in.

“Fine ok but only a couple.” Noah said piecing a smile in the side of his lips. Noah stood next to Palmer as they walked down the road to the bar. The streets were silent as everyone was still cheering outside President Fleming’s house. Finley let go of Ackerman and Palmer and crashed through the bar door. Suddenly the women started to shout at him telling him to leave.

“He’s ok; he won’t be here for long I promise if he causes any trouble I give you permission to stab him in the hand or something.” Ackerman said sitting down at a table. Burrell and McConnell grabbed another table and connected it to the one Ackerman was sitting at. They all grabbed a chair apart from Noah which Palmer soon noticed.

“What does everyone want for drinks?” Palmer asked standing up.

“Eight beers!” Finley shouted.

“But I don’t want a beer.” Drury said.

“No, there my beers.” Finley said leaning back in his chair. Drury laughed at Finley.

“I will have a beer.” Burrell said.

“I will have one too.” McConnell murmured through the bandanna across his face.

“I will have some whiskey.” Drury said.

“Typical.” Finley said laughing.

“I will have a beer too.” Ackerman said.

“Ok, so six beers and a whiskey?” Palmer asked.

“What about all of mine!?” Finley shouted.

“No Finn, just no.” Palmer said. Everyone laughed. Palmer walked up to the bar and sat next to Noah.

“Six beers and a whiskey.” Palmer said to one of the women. The bar tender gave Palmer a dirty look and walked away to sort out her drinks.

“Why don’t you seat with us?” Palmer asked Noah.

“I’m more of a loner.” He replied tapping the bar with a beat similar to a hearts.

“How long have you been with the Dwellers?” Palmer asked.

“Nearly four years.” Noah said bluntly.

“What is it like there?” Palmer wondered.

“Like hell it makes you want to end it all you know?” Noah said pulling up the sleeve on his jacket to undercover a scar going across his vein on his wrist.

“Really that bad huh?” Palmer asked.

“You would be surprised.” Noah said while pulling down his jacket sleeve.

“Hey but its going to be all over soon, remember that.” Palmer said while the bar tender brought the drinks over. A small smile appeared on Noah’s face.

“I guess so.” He replied. Palmer and Noah grabbed the drinks and brought them over to the table, everybody cheered ecstatically.

After ten beers and four shots the group was starting to make their way home from their night of drinking together. The group saw it as a way to drown their fear. Burrell and Drury were the first two to go home, then McConnell. Finley dragged himself out then Noah, Ackerman and Palmer left together. Ackerman went one way and Noah and Palmer went the other.

“Thanks for the stuff you said to me before it kind of helped actually.” Noah said smiling while looking at Palmer. Palmer smiled back.

“No problem glad I could help.” Palmer and Noah walked slowly but silently down the road until they reached Palmer’s house. They both stopped and looked at each other.

“Well this is me so I will speak to you tomorrow then.” Palmer said.

“Yeah bright and early tomorrow, have a good night.” Noah said walking down the street into the darkness. Palmer stood there watching him walk away, she found him different from everyone else. Palmer walked into her house took her shoes off and sat on her bed brushing her fingers through her hair. She could still taste the alcohol in her mouth. She sat there for moment thinking, thinking about tomorrow and the dangers that lie ahead, if the whole group would make it back tomorrow in one piece. Suddenly there was a knock on her door. She walked to the door and opened it to see Ackerman standing there looking agitated.

 “Hey Ack what’s wrong?” Palmer asked resting her hand on the side of the door.

“Just checking to see if you’re ok, I can see your fine so I’m just going to go.” Ackerman said walking away.

“Wait, come back, what is up with you?” Palmer asked. Ackerman walked back slowly looking down.

“I just thought we should have a talk as we haven’t spoken for a while.” Ackerman murmured. Palmer could just understand.

“Just come in Ackerman.” Palmer said walking back into her apartment and sitting on the edge of the bed. Ackerman walked in and shut the door behind him. He walked and sat on a creaky chair near Palmer’s bed. There was awkward silence for a while.

“What do you want?” Palmer said laughing.

“I’m not really sure.” Ackerman said laughing back. He looked up at Palmer.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have come.” Ackerman said shaking his head laughing at himself.

“It’s ok.” Palmer said smiling.

“You know I think I will just go.” Ackerman said standing up and leaving before Palmer could say anything. Palmer rushed to the door to see Ackerman was already halfway down the street. Palmer closed the door. She felt confused, like if she had done something wrong. She walked to her bed and laid on it. She scrunched herself into a ball and laid there for a while until drifting into a sleep.

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