Based ten years after a nuclear war that destroyed most of the world. A small city in England called Eden has people who live to protect themselves and those around them. But when a group called the Dwellers threaten their lives as their leader who is only a ten year old girl who they believe has supernatural powers caused by the war, has said they will rage war with Eden. Eden's only saviours are an old army group who they call the disciples. They are the only hope for Eden. But they start to discover things about the Dwellers and their leader. Will the group fall with Eden or will they fight to protect. This action pact story is filled with twists and heart ache that will make you want to read more!


8. Mission

When Palmer reached the top she set her sniper up placing it on a broken part of wall. She looked down the scope to see she had a good view. She looked at the others walking down the road. She had a grip on her sniper looking down the scope observing the town. She suddenly heard something behind her, a piece of rubble falling. She quickly turned to see two Dwellers standing there. One was huge blocking up most of the doorway, the other was in front of him, and he was small and scrawny. The small one launched at her, she quickly grabbed the knife from her belt and stabbed him straight in the stomach. She pushed him away. The big one walked towards her. She stood up straight, she went to stab him but he grabbed her arm and twisted it making her drop the knife. Palmer punched him in the face twice which made his face jerk to the side. When he turned back his nose was bleeding but he had emotion like he wasn’t punched. He threw Palmer to the wall. She sat up a bit, she felt something sharp near her hand. She gripped it in her hand. The man walked over to her and picked her up by the collar on her jacket. Palmer stabbed the sharp object into his throat. The man dropped her and held his hands on his neck trying to stop the gush of blood flowing from his neck. He eventually fell to the floor landing on his face. Palmer looked out to see no one heard anything.

“Hello? Did you do it? Has she been taken care of?” She heard a faint voice say. She followed the voice to find a walkie- talkie in the small man’s jacket pocket. She took it out and placed it against her ear. He spoke again.

“Hello?” She looked out over the town. She recognised the voice, but then she saw. Noah lagged behind from the group pretending to tie his shoe laces but was really talking into this ear piece. It was a trap, a set up. Noah must have been with the Dwellers for too long and eventually turned into one of them. All that Palmer cared about was getting her team out of there but the time she got to them it would have been too late. Palmer walked to her sniper and zoomed in, she then saw the child standing on the balcony. She aimed it at her. The little girl looked up and looked straight at Palmer and smiled. Palmer didn’t know how she knew she was there. Palmer aimed her gun at Noah. Noah stood up and looked straight at Palmer. He knew his plan had failed. He closed his eyes and waited for his fate. Palmer took the shot only hitting the side of his face scrapping a layer of skin from it; the blood soon flowed into Noah’s left eye. The whole town came to a sudden stop. The team turned around to see what happened to Noah. They all looked up at Palmer. They didn’t know what to do. Palmer wasn’t sure is what she did was right she just felt she shouldn’t kill him. Suddenly the Dwellers started to fire at the team. Palmer picked a couple of so the team could run down an alley, including Noah. Palmer knew she had to get that little girl for answers. When she aimed at the balcony the young girl was being forced to enter the building. Palmer shot the men. Another man tried to grab her from the inside but Palmer shot him. The little girl looked at Palmer and smiled once again. Palmer grabbed her sniper and started to run down the stairs. The team was running down a street trying to find another way to the entrance. A bullet went straight into Drury’s leg. She groaned with agony.

“I got her!” Finley shouted picking Drury up and placing her on his shoulders. Burrell, McConnell and Ackerman covered them while Noah was trying to find another route. They ran down another alley to see the entrance on the right. Ackerman shot a few men trying to come down the alley way. The team ran through the entrance. Ackerman looked up at the building Palmer was in to see she was not there. He looked back to see Palmer turning a corner.

“Palmer!” He shouted. Burrell quickly shoved Ackerman to the floor as bullets came flying towards them hitting the wall of a building behind them.

“Palmer!” He shouted once again. Burrell dragged him to his feet and pulled him behind a building to hide behind. As Ackerman went to run for Palmer, Burrell pushed him back against the wall.

“We have to get Palmer!” He shouted at Burrell.

“We can’t it’s too late, we have to leave!” He roared back. As Ackerman was about to argue back bullets came rushing into the side of the building taking out junks off metal. Burrell grabbed Ackerman by his arm and started to drag him further back to safety. Ackerman eventually grabbed Burrell’s arm and shoved him into the buildings structure.

“We can’t just leave her here, she will die!” Ackerman protested back.

“I’m sorry she was the one who shot Noah; she was the one who was running into the danger not away from it!” Burrell yelled to Ackerman.

“What the hell are you trying to say?” Ackerman said in a deep angered tone rather than shouting.

“I’m saying don’t you think that’s a bit suspicious!?”

“Would you two stop arguing and get your asses moving!?” Finley shouted to Ackerman and Burrell while still carrying Drury on his shoulder.  Ackerman and Burrell looked at each other with hatred but Ackerman eventually back off from Burrell. Burrell walked to Finley to help him with Drury while Ackerman looked at the Dwellers home. Ackerman walked backwards for a moment but soon turned around to run to catch up with the others. Meanwhile Palmer was still making her way through the silent streets to the house where the child was. She came to an opening where the balcony was, the child was not there but a man with two guards was standing there furiously shouting at his two guards. The man shouted the loudest he could with anger. Palmer couldn’t see the child anywhere. Palmer aimed her gun up and looked through the scope at the man. Just as she was going to take the shot to kill him she heard a piece of rubble fall behind her she quickly turned and aimed at the person sneaking up on her. But this wasn’t no person, it was the child. A young little girl standing there watching Palmer. Palmer slowly lowered her sniper. Palmer heard scuffling of feet coming towards her. She grabbed the child and ran down the street into a narrow alley way. Palmer stood still for a moment observing the way she just came from seeing if anyone saw her. Suddenly Eve was pulling on Palmer’s hand and led her down the alley way until she came into an opening. Many Dwellers were on the street, Eve stood there for a moment waiting for something to happen. The man on the balcony started to yell again. All the Dwellers heard and came to his assistance. The entrance was clear. Eve and Palmer ran to the entrance and carried on running down the main street. A gun shot was heard. Palmer stopped to figure out it came from the Dwellers home. Eve started to pull Palmer to make her move again. Palmer gripped Eve’s hand more and ran down the street to safety.

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