Based ten years after a nuclear war that destroyed most of the world. A small city in England called Eden has people who live to protect themselves and those around them. But when a group called the Dwellers threaten their lives as their leader who is only a ten year old girl who they believe has supernatural powers caused by the war, has said they will rage war with Eden. Eden's only saviours are an old army group who they call the disciples. They are the only hope for Eden. But they start to discover things about the Dwellers and their leader. Will the group fall with Eden or will they fight to protect. This action pact story is filled with twists and heart ache that will make you want to read more!


7. Last Remaining Hours

Palmer had a bad dream again, but this time she couldn’t control herself. Her dream was more image than action. She saw fire, bullets, bullets and retribution. She woke up sweating again. She poured some of the water from her bucket onto her face and body. She got changed into a plain tank top, baggy green navy pants, navy boots and a baggy brown jacket. She opened her door to see a sudden weather change through the night, it was snowing. She could see her breath in the air. She walked to the Presidents house quickly as she wanted to get out of the freezing weather. When she finally reached the Presidents house she was greeted by a man, one of the president’s men. He opened the door for her. She walked down to the room she was in the day before. She opened the door to see McConnell sitting there; he was the only one so far. Palmer sat beside him.

“How long have you been here?” Palmer asked.

“For two hours.” He murmured through his bandana. Palmer opened her eyes wide shocked by how long he has been here. Palmer sat there for a while tapping the table. McConnell was still sitting there not moving a muscle. After a while Burrell and Drury walked in and sat beside Palmer.

“You guys ok?” Burrell asked.

“Yeah we’re good.” Palmer replied. Palmer was about to say something about Ackerman but he walked in. Ackerman looked at Palmer and felt immediately uncomfortable. He sat down next to Drury.

“You ok boss.” Burrell asked.

“Yeah I’m fine.” Ackerman replied covering his tension.

“Where’s Finley?” Drury asked.

“Did you actually expected him to arrive on time?” Palmer asked. Everyone laughed.

“You nervous?” Drury asked Palmer.

“Not really actually.” Palmer replied surprised by her own answer. The President walked in moments later all dressed formally.

“It’s nice to see most of you here already.” The president said walking to his seat.

“Let’s just get started on things now.” President Fleming said sitting down. Suddenly Noah came through the doors, he looked at everyone.

“I hope I’m not too late.” Noah said staring at President Fleming.

“No you haven’t missed anything, please sit.” The President said gesturing his hands to the seats. Noah sat on the seat closest to the door sitting far from the others.

“Right, when you are ready at 14 hundred hours you will get suited, get your weapons and then Noah will lead the way to the Dweller town.” The President added.

“I know some places up high near the Dweller town where you can go Palmer.” Noah said to Palmer, she nodded her head in a thanks gesture.

“The rest of you will lead in with Noah and retrieve the girl, and maybe you can kill the man behind the scheme.” The President said. 

“This all sounds good, but how do you expect us to go in undetected?” Drury said lowering her eyebrows.

“You will all have fake tattoos put on before you go.” Noah said leaning forward.

“You just need to stick with Noah and you should be fine.” President Fleming said smiling. Suddenly Finley came crashing through the doors; he looked around and noticed that the meeting had already started. He stood up straight and rearranged the collar on his t-shirt.

“Sorry, I’m late, I went and apologized to them girls at the bar and, well, it went better than expected.” He said laughing. No one else laughed apart from him. He slowly stopped to laugh and quickly grabbed the closest chair, the seat next to Noah. Noah looked at him disgusted. Finley saw and just looked the other way.

“Finley, you have got to stop doing this.” Ackerman said bashing his head on the table.

“Just fill me in quickly.” Finley said banging his fists on the table.

“You are going in at 14 hundred hours, you will have fake Dweller tattoos put on your face, you will be going in with Noah not guns blazing and retrieve the child, simple?” President Fleming said quickly. Finley looked confused.

“Wait can you say that again?” Finley said. Everyone sighed.

“Hey I’m joking, don’t get all annoyed.” Finley said messing about.

“You should all go and start to get ready now, if you have any questions ask Noah, you have 4 hours.” President Fleming said. Everyone stood up and walked outside. The snow was now a storm.

“Follow me!” Noah shouted to everyone. Everyone used their arms and hands as shields from the snow. They slowly walked down the stairs pushing through the force of the wind and snow. They walked down couple of streets until they reached a smallish building. Noah unlocked the door and walked in holding the door for the others. When everyone was in Noah shut the door. It was an armory filled with weapons and armor.

“It’s heaven!” Finley said excitedly glaring at all the weapons and armor.

“Choose wisely, you don’t want to carry too much, and not huge weapons either.” Noah said to everyone. Finley sighed as he put his hand back to his side away from the mini gun near him.

“Let’s just get into armor first and worry about guns later.” Ackerman said. Noah walked to the wrack of clothes hanging on a metal pole. He picked a large outfit out.

“This is the only one big enough for you Finley.” Noah said passing him the outfit. Finley took it and observed his face lit up with excitement. Noah picked out another outfit, he observed it.

“McConnell this is near your size.” Noah said handing the armor to McConnell. McConnell took it and stood in the corner of the room getting changed. Noah soon picked out another.

“Burrell.” Noah said gesturing his hand out with the armor in it. Burrell took it and walked to the end of the room.

“Drury!” He shouted with the armor in his hand. Drury took it and walked away towards Burrell.

“Ackerman.” Noah said soon after pulling an outfit off the metal pole. Ackerman walked and took it.

“Palmer this is the only one that will fit you, it has not got an undershirt but it has a jacket, pants and boots.” He said piling the clothing into Palmer’s arms. Palmer nodded her head and started to get change in the corner. When everyone was changed they felt like a team again like the team they were before. They all looked at each other smiling.

“Before we pick weapons we should put the tattoos on your face.” Noah said. Finley wined letting his shoulders collapse.

“Will McConnell need one?” Palmer asked. Noah turned to McConnell.

“If you would want me to then I will.” Noah said. McConnell nodded his head.

“Right I will do you first then.” Noah said walking to the corner of the room with McConnell. McConnell was facing away from the others. McConnell and Noah sat down. Noah picked up some sort of black stick and dipped it into the ink. McConnell pulled down his bandana, Noah face was terrified and disgusted but he was hiding it well, he didn’t want to offend McConnell. A few hours after everyone had their tattoos placed on the side of their faces they all lined up. The tattoos were almost near identical to each other. Palmer kind of felt bare without one on her face.

“Good job Noah.” Palmer said pleased with Noah’s work.

“Thanks I have been practicing.” Noah said with a small laughter after.

“Right now we can choose our weapons.” Noah said turning to Finley. Finley chucked his arms up and celebrated. He ran over to the weapons observing each one. Everyone else joined him observing. McConnell picked his ones the quickest. He picked two small identical pistols and a knife. He hid them underneath his jacket. Burrell picked up a pump action shotgun just small enough to hide underneath his flowing jacket. Then Drury picked up a small sub machine gun that she hooked onto her belt. Ackerman picked up an assault rifle that fit and hooked on the back of his belt. Palmer picked up the biggest and strongest looking sniper; she looked down the scope to see it was clear. She placed it in her arms and practiced aimed with it. She found her weapon. She picked up a small knife just in case. Finley picked up the smallest light machine he could find.

“This is the one.” Finley said turning around with the gun in his arms. Everyone laughed.

“What!?” He said annoyed.

“There is pink flower on the other side.” Drury said pointing to it. Finley turned the gun to see it. He turned back around.

“Oh well I like it!” He said speaking in a childlike voice. Everyone laughed. Palme noticed Noah had only one pistol in his hand.

“You’re only taking a pistol?” Palmer asked.

“I won’t need anything big.” Noah replied. Palmer did not know what he meant by that.

“C’mon we should start to move.” Noah said walking to the door. Noah picked through the door to see the snow wasn’t as heavy anymore; it was on small drops now.

“The snows not as hard anymore.” Noah said looking at the others. He opened the door fully and kept it open for everyone. When everyone was out he shut the door and locked it. The snow was falling steady.

“Let’s go.” Noah said leading the group to the front gate. The gate was already opening by the time they got to it. As the gate was closing Palmer took a look back observing her home and thinking it could be the last time she sees it. As the group went down a few blocks Noah suddenly stopped them.

“What Noah?” Finley said confused.

“Can you hear that?” He whispered everyone listened; there was the sound of the snow crunching and the sound of dog growls. Noah looked round the corner to see three dogs. Noah looked at the group, he put up three fingers. Suddenly McConnell pushed Palmer against the wall and threw his throwing knife. It hit a dog straight in the face.

“Thanks.” Palmer whispered. McConnell walked over and grabbed his knife from the dog’s skull. Noah pulled out his gun; he had a silencer on it.

“I thought ahead.” Noah said turning the corner. He shot the three dogs quickly and quietly. Everyone turned the corner and walked to Noah.

“We might see a lot of dogs and other animals on the way so watch yourself.” Noah said looking at the corpses of the dogs.

“How far have we got to go?” Finley asked.

“Not that far, we should get there in good time if we stay at a steady pace.” Noah replied. Noah started to jog leading everyone. It started to get more cold than before but they stayed strong carrying through the weather, they didn’t care they were fierce and strong, nothing could stop them. They soon got over hall way in good time. Noah went to turn the corner but stepped back placing his back against the wall. Everyone came to a firm stop.

“What’s wrong?” Burrell asked.

“Dweller scouts round the corner.” Noah whispered.

“Let’s deal with them then.” Finley said going to turn the corner. Noah pushed him back.

“No let them pass we can’t kill them it will cause to much noise.” Noah furiously whispered to Finley. Finley took steps back with his hands raised.

“Can’t we just pass them; I mean we look like them.” Drury said. Everyone looked at each other.

“Why don’t we?” Burrell said.

“Fine let’s try.” Noah said. Noah led round the corner, everyone followed. They all stood beside each other. Finley pulled out a cigarette and lit it. The Dwellers looked at them but didn’t say anything. They soon reached the end of the short road and turned left. Everyone huddled up.

“Well that worked.” Finley said taking the cigarette out of his mouth and stamped it on the floor.

“We should keep moving if you want to get there before the sun goes down.” Noah said leading the others down the road. They all reached the Dweller town in good time. The entrance was made up of scrap metal and so was most of the wall surrounding the town. Noah leant against a building near the entrance.

“Look casual.” Noah said hardly moving his mouth. Everyone went into a comfortable position and stood there for a moment while Noah looked around for a moment.

“Palmer, the building I’m leaning on has a good vantage point of the town, I say you go to the top floor and set up here.” Noah said staring at Palmer.

“The rest of us will lead in and retrieve the girl quickly and quietly.” Noah said standing up straight.

“Palmer when we go to walk you go round the corner and go through the broken part of the wall and find the stairs.” Noah said to Palmer. Palmer nodded her head and put her hands in her pocket.

“Be careful.” Palmer said to Ackerman. Ackerman smiled back.

“You be careful to.” He replied. Noah started to walk. Everything went in slow motion for Ackerman as Palmer was walking away, he stared at her as she turned and walked. His heart slowed down and absorbed every second of looking at her maybe for the last time. When she was out of his sight time went back to normal and catched up with the others and tagged along in the back. Palmer went through the hole in the wall and venture into another room to find the stairs. She started to climb the stairs to the top floor. Meanwhile the others walked to the entrance; the door was already opening for them. Noah led the group in, Finley and McConnell were straight behind him. Drury and Burrell were right behind them. Ackerman tagged along in the back. They were in.

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