Based ten years after a nuclear war that destroyed most of the world. A small city in England called Eden has people who live to protect themselves and those around them. But when a group called the Dwellers threaten their lives as their leader who is only a ten year old girl who they believe has supernatural powers caused by the war, has said they will rage war with Eden. Eden's only saviours are an old army group who they call the disciples. They are the only hope for Eden. But they start to discover things about the Dwellers and their leader. Will the group fall with Eden or will they fight to protect. This action pact story is filled with twists and heart ache that will make you want to read more!


11. Child Or Threat?

When they reached Eden the armed guards on the walls aimed their guns at them warning them not to come closer.

“The Kid needs help, we need to come in now!” Ackerman shouted.

“But I thought they were traitors?” One of the guards asked.

“They’re not, let us in!” Ackerman said more furiously.

“Open the gate.” The same guard shouted. The gate opened almost immediately. Palmer, McConnell and Ackerman rushed in through the doors towards the president’s mansion. When they reached the mansion they did not hesitate, and busted through the doors ignoring the men guarding it. President Fleming was in the meeting room sitting in his normal seat when the group came through the door. He stood up quickly looking more shocked than anything.

“She needs help Fleming.” Ackerman said placing the child on the table.

“But I thought she was a traitor Ackerman.” Fleming said looking at Palmer. Out of nowhere guards came out of each entrance armed with guns standing there looking at Palmer and Eve.

“She’s fine Fleming please just listen the child needs help!” Ackerman shouted.

“William what’s going on?” A voice said that the group hasn’t heard in a while. A woman stepped out from one of the rooms. It was President Fleming’s wife.

“Nothing Julie, let me handle it.” President Fleming said calmly to his wife. Julie laid eyes on Eve and rushed over to her. She stroked her hand across her face.

“She’s weak, she needs rest.” Julie muttered to herself. Julie looked at one of the guards.

“Take this child to my room.”

“Julie what are you doing?” Fleming said with agitation in his voice.

“She is just a child William!” Julie shouted. The guard picked Eve up and Julie followed. Palmer went to follow but Ackerman grabbed her arm. Fleming took a long agitated breath in and started to speak.

“I thought she was the traitor Ackerman.” Ackerman looked at Palmer.

“I was wrong sir I’m sorry, Noah was the traitor.” President Fleming looked confused.

“Noah was the traitor?”

“Yes he was the whole time, he tried to kill me.” Palmer said disappointed. President looked angry but saddened by Noah’s deception.

“McConnell leave I need to speak with these two.” McConnell bowed his head and left the room.

“Sir what are we going to do now?” Ackerman asked.

“Well we have the advantage with the child, we can use her.” President Fleming said trailing off at the end thinking of ways he could.

“What do you mean by use her?” Palmer said agitated.

“Well the Dwellers believe she has some sort of gift so we can use that against them. What idiots believing that though.” President Fleming said getting out a cigarette from his coat pocket and placing it in his mouth. Palmer and Ackerman looked at each other. Palmer lightly shook her head making Ackerman not say the truth about Eve.

“Why did you send Burrell out with some men?” Ackerman asked bringing his attention back to the conversation.

“He didn’t give me a choice, he was going out to find you and that girl and he had people who wanted to go with him who were heavily armed with weapons.” The President said lighting his cigarette.

“You’re the President you have the power, you could have easily stopped them.” Ackerman said slowly raising his voice with each word. Fleming suddenly slammed his hand onto the table.

“I needed the child more than anything to stop this war from happening even if it meant sending out untrained men.” Fleming shouted. The room went silent for a moment.

“Now get out. You should go and see your friends at the Doctors Office.” Fleming said flapping his hand towards the door and then turning so he could see Ackerman and Palmer anymore. They left the room and walked out of the building and walked down the steps. They both stopped and looked at the building.

“They won’t hurt her will they?” Palmer asked curiously. Ackerman looked at Palmer.

“No I’m sure they won’t.” Ackerman said grabbing Palmer’s arm and directing her to the Doctors Office. When they reached the Doctors Office they opened the door to see Finley and McConnell sitting in the waiting area looking agitated. Finley’s head shot up when he saw Palmer.

“Finley she’s fine now where is the Doc?” Ackerman asked quickly. Suddenly a scream came from the closed door on the other side of the room. The scream was Drury’s. Ackerman and Palmer stared at the door in fear while Finley and McConnell looked down. It wasn’t the first time they heard the scream.

“The Doc’s trying to get the bullet out, it’s right in the leg maybe through the bone he said.” Finley said hopelessly. Finley saw the blood stains and bullet holes in Palmer’s clothes.

“What happened to you?” He asked.

“I died.” Palmer said looking at Finley. Finley looked at the others faces to see if they were going to laugh but he still broke into a little chuckle.

“Ok chuck whatever you say.” He said wiping the dirt of his brow.

“I’m being serious Finn.” Palmer said still looking at Finley. Finley looked at Palmer and then the others for a moment.

“You’re actually being serious?” He said lowering his eyebrows in disbelief.

“I got shot in the stomach when there was crossfire and then in the heart by a Dweller and I died, you can even ask these two. They were there.” Palmer said leaning against the closest wall. Finley looked at McConnell who was looking down and then at Ackerman who was awkwardly standing in the middle of the room with his arms folded.

“She didn’t have a pulse, I checked it trust me.” Ackerman said lowering his tone at the end.

“But then Eve brought me back.” Palmer said quickly after. Finn looked at Palmer in disbelief.

“The kid brought you back?” Finn said with a sarcastic tone. He looked around the room to see everyone was still looking serious, his face slowly mirrored theirs.

“This is crazy.” Finn said shaking his head.

“So you don’t believe us?” Ackerman asked.

“Well it’s a bit hard to believe.” Finn said standing up. Palmer walked towards Finley.

“Look I know what happened and so these two, we’re not lying. If you don’t believe, fine, I know it’s hard to but Eve is something else.” Palmer said looking up at Finley. The room was silent for a moment until the Doctor came out of the room with blood on his clothes and on his hands. As Palmer was about to speak, the Doctor interrupted.

“She’s fine I got the bullet out, but her leg will need some time to heal before she can do anything.” He said with his southern accent shining through.

“Thanks Doc.” Ackerman said hitting him in the back gently.

“Can we see her?” Palmer asked quietly.

“She is out for the count; I had to drug her up on a lot of morphine to stop the pain. She will be out for a couple of hours.” The Doctor said wiping his hands on his use to be white jacket. Suddenly there was commotion outside. McConnell walked to the window fast and peered through.

“Burrell’s back.” He said looking at the others. Palmer walked to the door and walked outside into the street with Ackerman and the others following behind. They all lined up on the street. It didn’t take long for Burrell to notice Palmer. His face filled with anger he raised his gun at Palmer. Ackerman stood in front of her.

“Put the gun down Burrell.” Ackerman shouted.

“What the hell is she doing here?” He shouted with rage.

“She wasn’t with the Dwellers; she went to get the child. Now put your gun down and we’ll talk like civil people.”  Ackerman said putting his hands out. Burrell lowered his gun bet didn’t drop it. The men with Burrell just stood and watch while people came out of their homes to see what was going on.

“Drury’s fine Burrell, Doc got the bullet out and now she is resting. I think you should go and see her and calm down and we’ll talk later.” Finley said. Burrell walked up to Ackerman and got right in his face but pushed past in anger into the Doctors Office.

“Right now I think all of you should get back to your duties and if you don’t have anything to do then find something to do. We do need some more men guarding the wall.” Ackerman shouted. The men just stood there looking at each other.

“Move then!” He shouted more loudly. The men suddenly scattered in different directions. Ackerman turned to Palmer.

“Now you should get some rest, you’ve been through a lot today. I’ll come and check up on you later, ok?” Ackerman said smiling at Palmer. She smiled back and started to walk home. When she reached her home she walked straight up to her rusted mirror to see a change in herself. She pulled her top down to uncover the scar left from the bullet that killed her. She pulled her top up and walked to her bucket filled with water. She splashed some water onto her face. It was still cold. Palmer sat on the edge of her bed resting her hands on her lap. She kept on thinking about Eve and if she was safe. But she knew Eve was in good hands so she laid in her bed for a while but she couldn’t get to sleep.

 Ackerman and the others went back to the Doctors Office to check on Drury. The door was half open so Ackerman could just see into the room. He saw Drury unconscious on a bed. Her face was pale and she looked weak. Burrell was right beside her with his hand in hers. He kept constantly gently kissing her hand. Burrell noticed Ackerman at the door. Burrell stood up, walked to the door and slammed it in Ackerman’s face. Ackerman sat in the closest chair next to McConnell.

“He’ll come around sooner or later.” Finley said lighting a cigarette.

“Let’s hope so.” Ackerman said rubbing his eyes. Palmer still couldn’t get to sleep. She couldn’t sleep as she didn’t know if Eve was alright. Palmer stood up and rushed out her door into the dark street. When Palmer was near the entrance she heard a strange noise coming from the hardly lit alleyway. She saw a dark figure on the floor. As she walked closer to it she saw it was a body flopped on the floor with its back towards Palmer. Palmer turned it over to see it was one of the guards. His neck was slit and blood was pouring from his mouth and neck. He grabbed onto Palmers hand as he was dying. Palmer took of her jacket and placed it on his neck.

“Help!” Palmer shouted. Two guards suddenly rushed down the alley to see the blood.

“What happened?” One of them asked.

“I don’t know I found him like this.” Palmer said applying more pressure to the wound. Palmer suddenly froze knowing who did this; a Dweller.

“Put pressure on it.” Palmer said pulling a guard towards her. Palmer stood up and rushed to the President’s house. Palmer rushed past the guards and down the small corridor with small glass pane windows with the moonlight shining through. She opened both double doors. She saw Noah in the room holding a knife, the president’s wife lying on the floor with a stab wound, and eve in the corner scared for her life. Before Palmer could do anything Noah attacked Eve cutting the top of her arm. Eve pushed him away and her eyes slowly went black. Noah froze. Suddenly the room was destroyed, the last thing Palmer saw was Noah imploding. Palmer was sent flying back and crashed through the window backwards but she flipped her body back enough and gripped both hands onto where the window was. Palmer lifted herself up enough to just be able to see into the room. The whole room was destroyed with glass and debris on the floor. But Eve was standing there hardly touched with only with the knife would Noah inflicted in her. Palmer lost her grip and fell onto the concrete below. She shield her head with her arms. Palmers face was covered in blood from the cuts on her face from the glass. She heard the commotion upstairs. Palmer didn’t have the ability to move at this point. Pieces of torn paper were falling from the sky. Palmer breathed in deep and supported herself up. She walked to the front of the building to see guards and civilians outside. She suddenly heard shouting coming from the building.

“Julie! No Julie!” President Fleming was shouting over and over again. Palmer knew she was dead. Palmer went to climb the steps to the front door but collapsed on the second one.

“Palmer.” Ackerman shouted from behind. Ackerman rushed to her and help her sit on the step.

“Jesus what happened?” Ackerman said observing her face.

“Eve.” She whispered in pain. Ackerman went pale.

“She did this?” He asked in disbelief. He looked at the damage of the building.

“Go and find her.” Palmer said slowly. Ackerman nodded his head. He called over Finley from the crowd. He came rushing over.

“Stay with her, ok?” Ackerman said stepping up the stairs. Finley sat next to Palmer and wrapped his arm around her rubbing her bare shoulder. Ackerman pushed past some guards until he heard a faint cry come from the destroyed room. He ran past people to see President Fleming armed with a gun and in his other hand the necklace that belonged to his wife covered in blood. He was just staring at Eve.

“You don’t want to do that Will.” Ackerman said nodding his head.

“Oh no I have something better in mind.” Fleming said with an evil grin.

“Get her.” Fleming said to two guards while walking out pushing past Ackerman. Ackerman ran and walked beside Fleming.

“What are you going to do?” Ackerman asked confused.

“I’m going to burn her. “ Fleming said walking out of the building. Ackerman stopped for a moment in pure shock. Fleming was going to burn Eve in front of Eden.

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