Liam Payne: I Love You

17 year old Angel is going out with liam payne and when he asks her to marry him there is no way she could say no. but is all life married to liam sets out to be when she finds herself being lonely when he goes off to work for one direction and the first time she goes on tour with them she starts to have feelings for liams co-worker louise. And only a few months passed when she is nine months pregnant with Liams baby she decides its time to leave and take two week old baby amy with her.


2. The Wedding <3

Months had passed since they got engaged and the big day had arrived and as Angel walked down the isle in her Long, marvelous dress Liam looks at her and winks. Everyone Gasped and she felt like the most precious girl/woman in the world. The only bad thing was that Liams parents where there and hers weren't and the reason they weren't is because they had died ,when Angel was only at this young age, leaving her and her two sisters, Lauren and Rachel, who where both younger than her orphaned. When she finally got to the end of the isle the Priest started saying what he had to say then when he finnished they went to lunch.

"well mrs. Payne how about we go home and make sweet love" said her newly wed husband Liam.

and they did

*****Authers note***** sorry About it being so small i just wanted to publish something

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