Liam Payne: I Love You

17 year old Angel is going out with liam payne and when he asks her to marry him there is no way she could say no. but is all life married to liam sets out to be when she finds herself being lonely when he goes off to work for one direction and the first time she goes on tour with them she starts to have feelings for liams co-worker louise. And only a few months passed when she is nine months pregnant with Liams baby she decides its time to leave and take two week old baby amy with her.


1. Liam <3

Lying there in Liam's bed thinking to myself how sweet of him to just let me come over and be with him. I do. I really do love him its just he could have better than me, like Cara or Emily. Liam had gone for a shower so i just stayed and waited for him to come, then I think a picture of him nude his muscular body and well him. I hear footsteps and he walks in "Sorry i took so long babe i was thinking about you".

"Dont worry about it and anyway I still love you," he asked me out weeks ago i told him i wanted to take things slow and we did but one thing led to another and here we are not takeing things slow at all. "so how about we watch a film, maybe on Netflix or on Sky demand."

"Okay. But what film so many to choose from."

"Maybe Magic Mike you know I love that film and I wanna see you on it."

"And you know I hate it," ok so dont make comment about the i wanna see you on it. He comes to sit next to me then holds me close to him "I love you" he whispers into my ear then slowly nibbles on it.

"Dont, you know i hate that" i say. he unfolds his towel standing there with nothing on. "put it away" A tell him. And he laughs.

Moments later he is changed and then gets down on one knee and says "the past two years you have made my life worth living-" then he gets out a ring. OMG a ring "-So please Angel marry me"

"I Do" I scream over and over again, ifeel like the happiest girl alive, no i am the happiest girl alive.

Hours later i finnaly pick up the nerves to ask "Why, why me and not Emily or Cara, Why me?"

"Because I love you and no one else. Emily and Cara are great people but they arn't you and I want you." Amd she wanted him to.

***Authers Note*** hi guys sorry if im not able to update it all the time i am on a tight and busy schedual but i will attempt to write a chapter every day and two chapters today.







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