Cry Louis, Cry (One Direction Not Famous)

Amara Lake hides all her troubles that bother her at home. She turns all her fears into anger, and picks on one boy in particular, just because he was the first person she saw when she walked through the doors. Yeah, he has his friends, but that doesn't stop Amara from making him feel like rubbish.
She picks on Louis Tomlinson.
One day, when Amara is sent to hospital after taking a beating too much from her father, Louis finds out the truth and him, and his friends Zayn, Harry, Niall and Liam, all forgive her, but she can never forgive her dad.
Then, she finds something she never thought she could find. Love.


3. Chapter 3

Amara's POV

"You're five minutes late home! What were you doing, you little piece of-" 

I hold my hands over my ears this time, as if to deflect his words. It works for a while; until he notices. He pulls my hands from my ears roughly and tugs at my ears. I feel my skin rip and wonder if he's taken my whole ear off. Luckily he hasn't. He seizes my hand with rage and pulls me through the corridors.

Eventually we come to the top of the basement. 

"Peter?" I ask.

"You made me do this," he whispers. "It's all your fault." He pushes me down the stairs before I have time to hold onto a rail. I'm falling, down the long... long... path. Pain in every inch of my body.

Then I hear a click and all light vanishes from the room. I've been locked in.

Louis' POV

"Night," I whisper to Harry, as we're having a sleepover at his tonight.

"Me don't wanna go to bed!" Niall huffs, crossing his arms sulkily.

"Bedtime kiss,

Sweet as bliss..." 

"Eurgh! I'll go to bed if you stop singing that stupid song!"

I grin to myself proudly, and find myself crawling into the covers next to Harry. "Night Mum..." He whispers and I laugh at him, but am slightly annoyed I can't record it.

Eventually, we fall to sleep.

Amara's POV

No food. No drink. Just the blood that Peter caused by pushing me down the stairs. I can't sob, my throat is too dry. I can't do anything. Eventually, the door opens, and he comes down the stairs.

With a bat.

"Please don't! Please!" I plead, crawling into a corner.

"You made me do this, don't you understand?!" He yells, hitting me. Hitting me... Hitting me...

Eventually, I find myself too weak to stay awake. I'm suddenly emerged into a world of blackness.

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