Cry Louis, Cry (One Direction Not Famous)

Amara Lake hides all her troubles that bother her at home. She turns all her fears into anger, and picks on one boy in particular, just because he was the first person she saw when she walked through the doors. Yeah, he has his friends, but that doesn't stop Amara from making him feel like rubbish.
She picks on Louis Tomlinson.
One day, when Amara is sent to hospital after taking a beating too much from her father, Louis finds out the truth and him, and his friends Zayn, Harry, Niall and Liam, all forgive her, but she can never forgive her dad.
Then, she finds something she never thought she could find. Love.


1. Chapter 1

Amara's POV

"Don't you see? You're making me do this to you! You were the one that got in the way!" Peter cries with anger. Punch. Punch. Kick. He's not my father, just the man I've lived with my whole life who happened to give birth to me. I will never call him my father. Ever.

"I'm-I'm sorry!" I cry, rushing over to grab my bag. I know I'm the one to blame; I'm the one who shouldn't be alive. I was born, but I was a mistake; a curse.

"I don't believe you!" And with that, anything he finds is thrown at me. And this time, it's a book. Not the worst I've had thrown at me. As it collides with my head, I feel myself knocked to the ground again. I swing my bag over my back, not even bothering to conceal the bruises because getting a detention would be much worse; as Peter would get so angry. So, so angry. 

I shiver with fear, as I rush out of the door, away from him. I'm running down the streets, looking like someone who's just caught fire. And before I know it, I'm at the school, away from him. But then I spot him, again. He always gets in my way. Louis Tomlinson.

Louis' POV

"Niall! Give me that!" I chuckle, reaching for the soggy sandwich that is supposed to be in my lunchbox. Niall always steals my food, and it's starting to irritate me. I lunge on top of him and grasp hold of the chicken sandwich before swinging it into my lunchbox, closing the lid, and putting it back into my bag. Success. 

I smile wildly, as Harry rushes through the school gates. "Over here, mate!" I call, but then once he gets closer, I spot someone else. My smile fades. I shiver. I back away. I try to hide. It never works.

"Look who's hiding? Lame Louis. Always getting in my way..."

All the boys turn their eyes towards her, as she looks me up and down, chuckling to herself. "You, you better shut up!" Liam's so hopeless at this, yet he always tries his hardest to look out for me. His voice yelling at her is a medicine for me. For a while anyway.

"You want me to shut up, do you?" Amara giggles to herself and walks forward.

"Yes, yes we do!" Niall steps in for me, walking forward.

Amara looks at him with filthy eyes, and I walk forward slightly. "Do you really want me to?"

"No! Sorry for my-" Harry starts, obviously scared but no one can blame him.

"Shut up Harold!" Niall hisses at him, and Harry knows he's in trouble, based by the fact he got called Harold. Harry looks down slightly, and says nothing. Zayn steps forward, opens his mouth to speak, but nothing comes out.

"Scared are we?" Amara chuckles. "And you've had a bad hair day today..." Zayn rushes forward, as soon as she says that and yells abuse into her ear.

"My hair is fine! Yours looks like a toad cut it!" Zayn yells, furious with anger. I can't help but laugh.

"Think your ordeal is over?" Amara whispers into my ear. "It's only just started."

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