Stranded (Stacy's P.O.V)

My name is Stacy Hansen, and I am 14 years old. I was on a plane ride over the Pacific, and it crashed not too far away from this one little island. It had many resources, but it was also very beautiful. Will it be hard to survive? Probably, but I think I can do it. Here we go :D

This is a project for my school, but I'm doing it on here in collaboration with Harrycurls. But we have to do different books, so check it out on her profile! And I hope you like this, cause its a school project and IDK if it'll actually be that good.


5. We're Making Progress

     "Wake up, sleepyhead!" I heard before getting a face full of water. I coughed, and I opened my eyes, to see Vivian laughing with a... coconut?... that was once full of water. She splashed it on me! I tackled her, and gave her a huge hug. She seemed really mad, but I was glad that we were getting along. 

     After we dried off, we started to look around the island to see what we could eat and/or sleep in. We made our way back to my crash-landing site, and I grabbed some more materials- more snacks, and I tore out the first page of my journal, put it in a used soda bottle from the plane debris, and threw it into the ocean. I say today was a productive day. 

     We used some things from Vivian's crash-land site, which was about a two-hour walk from the cave, to build a safer shelter in some trees. We grabbed some tarps, blankets, anything we could grab ahold of and carry on our backs. Once we literally dragged that stuff back to the waterfall, which took another two or two and a half hours. We set up a nice, comfortable tent, and it started to get dark. We used some sticks from the trees here to build a small campfire, and I cooked some of those roots from earlier. I gave some to Vivian, who loved the taste of them, me not so much, and we fell asleep exhausted. 

     The next day wasn't as exhausting, but still equally productive. I used my survival guide to find some edible plants and stuff around the shelter. When I showed Vivian what I got, she kind of gave me a funny look, but when she saw my survival guide she seemed more accepting about the roots and plants. We ate those, and I wrote back in my journal.

     Today I just gathered some food, but not much happened, really. I just want to go home, and I think I may have broken my arm, probably my humerus, and Vivian has to do basically all of the work! Why can't I just go home and be with my family? I know that Vivian's family is most likely dead, but mine is still alive. I do feel bad for Vivian, but I just want to be home.

     I put my book down, and I got back to work. It's fun, it's interesting on this island, and it's beautiful, but it's lonely. I like being around the people that I love, so I hope I can get back soon.

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