Stranded (Stacy's P.O.V)

My name is Stacy Hansen, and I am 14 years old. I was on a plane ride over the Pacific, and it crashed not too far away from this one little island. It had many resources, but it was also very beautiful. Will it be hard to survive? Probably, but I think I can do it. Here we go :D

This is a project for my school, but I'm doing it on here in collaboration with Harrycurls. But we have to do different books, so check it out on her profile! And I hope you like this, cause its a school project and IDK if it'll actually be that good.


3. Waterfall

     I woke up to the sound of breathing, and it wasn't a human, let me tell you. It was a bear, and I was about to become a mid-day snack. I remember somewhere in the survival guide that said if you ever encounter a bear, play dead, because they like living prey only. So I laid as still and limp as I could, but I think the bear thought I still tasted good. It clawed my arm and I almost screamed with pain. But I held it in, and I started to turn pale. A good thing, actually, because I think I may have looked dead. So the bear got up and walked off. I slowly creaked my eye open a nice ten minutes later, and I limped out of the cave. I attempted to wrap my arm up with some bandages from the emergency kit, and I kind of failed at it, with no practice whatsoever. So hopefully nothing got infected. I think the bear may have broken my humerus (one of the bones in your arm) so I crafted a "cast" with some more bandages and some sticks (yes, I cleaned them). Hopefully it gets better.

***Side note, if this story has a lot of facts in it, I mean a lot, it's because this is a school assignment and I need to add stuff like that. So anyway, read on. :)***

     I walked a good distance away from the bear den and sat down, to rest my arm. God, that hurt really bad. At least it was my right arm, because I am left handed. I grabbed my book and started to write again.

     I just found a cave, and I thougt that it would be a nice place to relax and get some sleep. Nope, it was a bear den. Luckily I escaped with my life, but my arm was broken. Not my dominant hand, though, so I can still write what I hope to be legibly. Well, I'll check back in later.

     I walked for about a few more hours until I reached a small, secluded opening in the forest with a river gently passing through. I filled my canteen excitedly and relieved. I drank a little, refilled what I had lost, and continued down the river.

     After a long walk, maybe around an hour or two, I found a large waterfall spraying the rocks as it made its way down the miniature mountains. I stood in the water under it, hopefully washing off any blood from the bear or dirt from sleeping in the cave, and I used a little soap to wash my hair. I dried myself off and got out of the river, and I found a body lying down next to the shore of the river. The figure had long brown hair and a light skin color. She seemed to be stranded, too. I shool her awake, but she didn't wake up.

     Uh... what the heck?

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