Stranded (Stacy's P.O.V)

My name is Stacy Hansen, and I am 14 years old. I was on a plane ride over the Pacific, and it crashed not too far away from this one little island. It had many resources, but it was also very beautiful. Will it be hard to survive? Probably, but I think I can do it. Here we go :D

This is a project for my school, but I'm doing it on here in collaboration with Harrycurls. But we have to do different books, so check it out on her profile! And I hope you like this, cause its a school project and IDK if it'll actually be that good.


6. The Bears are Back

     I sat back down in our tent-shelter, and I started up a conversation with Vivian.

     "Where did you live before the crash?" I asked her. She looked at me, with a wierd look in her eyes. "What?" she responded. I gave her a funny look, because I know she heard me. She said that she lived in Malibu, California. I looked at her, surprised. "Oh my gosh, I'm from Malibu, too!" I answered. Her eyes sparked, and we both laughed at the coincidence. 

     It was dark and cold outside, so we each took a blanket and tried to fall asleep. It was peaceful... quiet... and lonely. Maybe too lonely. I started to cry silently, knowing that I'd probably never see my parents again. At least Vivian didn't hear me, because she was asleep. I think. I tiptoed outside, and I felt the cool breeze blow my hair. I walked over to the waterfall, its water splashing onto my face. It was paradise, but after a while, you wish that you had someone you actually knew. I sat down next to the damp rocks, made myself comfortable, and once again attempted to fall asleep.

     I woke up in the middle of the night to a loud scream. "Stacy!" I heard Vivian scream. I looked up to see a dark figure clawing at the tarp, and it was really big, and hairy, and... I think it was a...


     Oh God, help me now, I'm now officially terrified of bears. And now my only friend at the moment was about to be ripped to shreds by one. I slowly crawled a little closer to the tarp, and I whispered to Vivian to play dead. She actually heard me, and she closed he eyes and acted like she was passed out from shock or something. The bear stopped scratching, but was still looking at Vivian. I could sense that she was petrified, but she still laid there like a stone. Wow, she's a really good actor. The bear backed off, and went over to about a hundred yards away from us. I tapped Vivian's foot to signal to her that the bear was gone, and she opened her eyes. She seemed okay, but she looked like she just saw a serial killer or something. We crawled far, far away from this area, until we couldn't really see anything that we've done anymore. We went out to the beach, and watched the sunrise as it lifted up away from the horizon. I looked out into the sky, and I saw something flying. No, it wasn't a seagull or anything. It looked like something else.

A helicopter!

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