Stranded (Stacy's P.O.V)

My name is Stacy Hansen, and I am 14 years old. I was on a plane ride over the Pacific, and it crashed not too far away from this one little island. It had many resources, but it was also very beautiful. Will it be hard to survive? Probably, but I think I can do it. Here we go :D

This is a project for my school, but I'm doing it on here in collaboration with Harrycurls. But we have to do different books, so check it out on her profile! And I hope you like this, cause its a school project and IDK if it'll actually be that good.


2. Sorting Things Out

     I emptied my bag, and figured out what I needed. Snacks? Most likely, but I'll get the more healthy ones and come back later. Water? Yeah, definetly. I'll refill if I can find any fresh water. I also snagged some things from the emergency box in the airplane- it had a few medicines, such as one that treated allergic reactions and one that treated fever. I also took a thermometer, to see if I had a fever. I also got some batteries, a water purifier, the book, a survival guide with different types of leaves and plants that are edible or poisonous, etc, some extra clothes, a canteen, and some soap, 'cause if I do find some people, I don't want to smell like I live in dirt, right? I also brought my stuffed bear, cause why wouldn't I? I needed him. Once I got my stuff, I went into a small forest near the shore.

     In the forest, I opened my survival guide. I saw some roots that were growing that you can cook over a fire to eat, and I think it said they tasted a little like radishes. I don't really like radishes, but it's all I can get, right? I also found some leaves that I picked up, that I thought were edible; turns out they were poison ivy- good going, me. It stung, but I couldn't find any water around, so my hand had to wait a while. I snacked on some of the food I got from the plane, which was okay. I found a small cave and sat down in there. It seemed comfortable, and there was some moss that I laid down on. I wrote back in my diary- 

     Okay, I'm back. I sat down in a cave after about an hour of walking around, familiarizing myself with the enviroment, I guess. The island is pretty, but there isn't much food. I really need some help, though, so soon enough I'll throw this book into the ocean so people can possibly come find me, if I'm close to Hawaii. If not, well, I guess this is my new home for a while. 

     I couldn't think of anything else to write, so I just put down my book and fell asleep. I may have cried; I missed my family. At least they weren't on the plane, so they are still alive. If I survive, I may be able to get back to them. Hopefully.

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