Stranded (Stacy's P.O.V)

My name is Stacy Hansen, and I am 14 years old. I was on a plane ride over the Pacific, and it crashed not too far away from this one little island. It had many resources, but it was also very beautiful. Will it be hard to survive? Probably, but I think I can do it. Here we go :D

This is a project for my school, but I'm doing it on here in collaboration with Harrycurls. But we have to do different books, so check it out on her profile! And I hope you like this, cause its a school project and IDK if it'll actually be that good.


1. Awakening on the Shores

     All I remember is that I was on an airplane 3,000 feet in the air. We were on our way to Hawaii, and we were going on a tour for a group I am in for the summer. But our airplane had a few, well, problems. The engine had probably overheated, and the plane caught on fire. A chunk of the wall fell off, and I got too close and was literally thrown out of the plane, free-falling toward the thick, blue ocean. 

     Now, there's a reason I don't go on those bungee-jump rides at amusement parks. My stomach did flops and my hair was all over my face, getting into my mouth as I screamed as loud as an elephant, plummeting towards the ocean. I felt as if I was falling the speed of light. Then, I blacked out before I got to feel the water slam against my body, like concrete.

     I woke back up later, on the shore of a decent sized island. "Am I in Hawaii?" I thought. There didn't seem to be any sign of human activity, so I got up and looked around for something else. And I saw it; I saw many chunks of metal on the shore, and scraps of an airplane. I saw someone's backpack, so I grabbed it. I filled it with some food from the airplane and some water bottles, and I got my carry-on bag and took that with me too. It had a few snacks, and my old teddy bear from when I was three. It also had an empty diary that was for this trip to Hawaii- I could always write down some things. I wrote my first entry:

     Hey. My name is Stacy Hansen, and I just washed up on this island with some scraps and bags from the airplane that I was in. It caught fire and I free-fell to the ocean, not far away from this small island. If anyone ever finds this book, please try to help. I'm pretty sure I'm somewhere near Hawaii. We were on a survival trip for a summer camp activity. Again, if you find this book, please give it to a search team, or the police, or anyone that can help.

Stacy Andrea Hansen, age 14, Somewhere near Hawaii.

     I tossed my book into my almost full bag, mostly full of junk. Oh, God, I'm going to have to choose what I actually need and what isn't necessary. I sat down and got started.



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