The Book Of Elfvish

My little guide on how to speak Elvish for LOTR's fans! Gurth gothrim Tel'Quessir
This is the Elvish language of Twengar.


18. Races


Centaur- Rah'edan


Drow (Normal)- Tel'gothrim


Drow (When indicating respect)- Mori'quessir


Dwarf- Naugrim


Gnome- Nogoth


Gray elf- Mith'quessir


Half-elf- Elandili


Halfling- Peredhil


High elf- Cala'quessir


Human- Edan


Moon elf- Ithil'quessir


Orc- Glamhoth


Sea elf- Ear'quessir


Silver elf- Mith'quessir


Sunrise elf- Amrun'quessir


Sylvan elf- Taur'quessir

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